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Which units complement each other best?
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Default Which units complement each other best?

Hi, and welcome to a little tactica thread. The question is fairly easy, but allows for dozens of opinions, thoughts and of course, discussion

So, in the Tau army, what units do you find complementing each other best? FireWarriors and kroot? Hammerheads and stealth suits? [please post the config. of your crisis suits, not just the trivial name, see further down and you'll know what I'm saying]

Well, I'm sure I could've written a lot about my personal preference, but to make it a short start, I think Deathrain crisis (TL missiles and flamer) and Stealth suits work great together. Stealths up front, blasting apart lightly armoured foes. Deathrains further back, taking care of medium infantry and transports. If something tough shows up, the sheer amount of shots will eventually take them down. Oh, and don't forget to jump away with them, else you're screwed! If the enemy is >24", I tend to keep the stealth suits in the open, as they will probably fail their camo test, and as such my army will be facing less shots. Basically, these 2 units in tandem can take on and kill just about most units in the game, but they are going to struggle vs heavy tanks and 2+ infantry.

So, what units do you like, either in tandem, 3 or perhaps even more?

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Nice post.
I think that broadsides and stealths can take on any unit type.

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

All of the units in the Tau army are designed to work together. Still I find that Crisis suits in any configuration work well with at least one squadron of drones. The drones shield the suits, forcing anyone shooting at the suits to pass a leadership test, plus the possibility of pinning. JSJing together the two units can form a powerfull assault force. The crisis suits can be equipped to take on anything and the drones can simply either add weight of fire or soak up damage. Of all the units in the Tau army I find that these two work best in tandem and compliment each other very well.

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Pathfinders can work especially well with Hammerheads, I have found. The submunitions template is a great deal, but it is much more effective if the enemy gets no cover saves against it. The same is true for solid shots against your opponent's heavy support in cover.
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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

I've got to admit, I've never used drones on a large scale. In 1.5k, I simply can't find room for them. Of course, it could be interesting to trade in my stealth team for 2 decent sized drone squads, but I prefer not too.

On the subject of pathfinders, I'm kind off unsure of what I think. They can't stand very much, but if they get to light something up, they will really win the day!

All of the units in the Tau army are designed to work together.
True Vash, but I find some better then others. Shas'el Helios (plasma rifle/fusion blaster) together with a mounted FW team is a winner as well. The 'fish ensures he won't be shot, unless the enemy can kill the fish and all the FW's, and still have enough to bring him down in one turn. They can take on practically anything, but I prefer having them against tough targets, with the FW simply there as a back-up, should I need those extra shots.

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Pathfinders and ...anybody except a troops choice.

Pathfinders and 3 railguns will generate at least one penetrating result against an AV14 tank.

Pathfinders and 6 stealth suits can kill three marines...or a full squad of IG, or a light vehicle.

Pathfinders and 3 helios suits can kill 6-7 marines.

Pathfinders and 3 Railguns can force every marine under the template to pass two armor saves.

Pathfinders and any other scoring unit can secure two objectives ;D

Pathfinders and a seeker-equipped boat can kill a dreadnaught for less than half its cost.

Two other units in the army might work well together, but pathfinders work well with all units, and can (should!) make a new decision every turn regarding where they can best impact the greater good.
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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Infiltrated stealths with a x10 kroot squad infiltrated as backup into a piece of area terrain are ace.If my opponent decides to bring some assault troops to deal with them then the kroot counter charge and assist the stealths ;D,if not the stealths JsJ and get a few free kills while being protected by a relatively inexpensive unit of kroot with a tasty cover save.It is important to note that you must keep these 2 units atleast 8in. apart so if your opponent uses ordnance to deal with the kroot it doesnt scatter to your stealths.These 2 units make for a perfect lure for pesky assault squads when infiltrated close to a dev squad. Stealthpredator
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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

There are many good combos, but the following are the one's I particularly enjoy:

1) Broadsides & Kroot (or Gue'Vesa): The kroot give good anti-infantry support and block for my Broadsides - Especially if I can anticipate getting my BS + Kroot team in trees. Alternatively, I like to support my Broadsides with numerous small Gue'Vesa squads with Markerlight upgrades.

2) Tetra & Hammerheads: These little Forgeworld beauties almost seem designed to be paired with fast, heavy armour. It's like giving your Hammerheads twin-linking, and with the cover save negation, your skimmers become even more brutally accurate.

3) Pathfinders & Stealth Suits: 4 average Pathfinder hits will give your Stealth Suits 12 shots at 2+ to hit. Very deadly. According to rumor, this will become an even better pairing with the new codex.

4) Tetra & Rail Rifle Pathfinders: Since Pathfinder teams can't mark for themselves, the markers from the Tetra can guide Rail Rifle shots to great effect.

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Stealth and drone squadrons. JSJ IS Tau. Sit back and shoot as the enemy trys to run down your JSJ stuff up front. Drones are the sh*t when it comes to occupying the enemy firepower, and when he ignores them, they'll either pin him or fly around behind him shooting down stragglers.

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Default Re: Which units complement each other best?

Drones and more Drones... you know what just bring 24 drones (3 Drone Squads). I had 2 Drone Squads working togather take down a 5 man Termie squad. 2 rounds of shooting and then an assault. I got him down to 3 with the Carbines and killed the last 3 Termies on a charge... it was perfect.
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