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VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?
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Default VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?

Just got some info that the 2000 point tourney I've been prepping for (Nov 5th) will allow VDR, flyers, FW stuff, etc. (no war machines though).

I don't own any of the Imperial Armor stuff, but I do have the VDR rules (they're in that first compilation book that was released, right?). Unfortunately, it's buried in a bunch of boxes at a rental storage place.

So, the first question is whether or not it's worth looking for? I've never made VDR stuff, because I've never heard of it being allowed before. However, if it IS allowed here, the question becomes how good can it be? With no experience with it, I have no idea...

I mean, if I could make vehicles for fast attack or even troops selections.....I envision a field full of pirahna type vehicles flying around with plasma guns and fusion blasters.

The follow up question is: how much will I need to account for enemy VDR....especially flyers? My recollection is that they were pretty expensive, so my guess would be to ignore them and focus on killing the enemy. On the other hand, a flyer might be a good answer for taking out those pesky basilisks and such...
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Default Re: VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?

Bringing a flyer is great... as long as your opponent has no functioning anti air.* If you wish, bring a barracuda for air support (they work really well vs rear armor) and try to take out any AA before the barracuda arrives.* For that purpose, have either some fast tetras to markerlight the side or rear armor of enemy AA tanks or some other fast unit to take out tanks hiding behind terrain.* You could even try to use the hh smart missiles because they can target things they cannot see.

Otherwise, forget about bringing flyers, and load up on the broadsides.* As VDR is allowed, everyone is going to have armor.* Broadsides are the best thing you can take against tanks, so that's a no-brainer.

I'd go for 2 tetras and a barracuda personally, as I already have a barracuda and would only need the tetras.* Plus I LOVE the idea of markerlighting targets for my jet to strike with homing missiles.

Don't use the VDR stuff though.* It's about 10-15% more expensive than it should be.* Just use FW and you'll be fine.
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Default Re: VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?

If you don't have any Forgeworld models and have no desire to actually BUILD a VDR creation, the minimum I'd consider is adding an AA mount to an IonCannon on a Hammerhead. This will give you excellent Anti-Aircraft protection and will only cost you an additional 15 pts (if I recall correctly, AA mounts add 50% to the weapon's cost).

Although admittedly, Tau flyers are some of the nastiest of the bunch... -12" range from being a flyer, and a further -6" from a D-pod totally neuters just about every weapon in the game. Even most AA weapons won't have range to you!
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Default Re: VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?

I agree with Tonka, the only other aircraft even close to he tau's baracuda is the Eldar Pheonix. when fielding my baracuda, i usually have my crisis(with twinlinked missle pods and fusion baster) get as close as i can to the a-air. This forces the aa to move or get killed, and when aa moves, it can't shoot flyers. Thus, my flyer is safe and able to wreak havoc on my oppenent. I never used or experience VDR, so I can't help ypu there mate.
Originally Posted by Wargamer
Aha, a brilliant point Impulse!
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Default Re: VDR, flyers, and FW, oh my! Does their inclusion change a tournament?

I'm using all three of my hammerheads with their railguns, which means I have 3 ion cannons all ready to go, sitting in the case. Now, getting those things into the game might prove handy.

I certainly don't have a problem with making a vehicle(s) in time for the event...heck, I'll probably go try and dig the book out anyway. I envision a couple possibilities:

1- Small skimmer like the pirahna with the ion cannon
2- Small truck with Human/Kroot driver and gunner...think of the old pickup truck with a .50 cal mounted in the back
3- I have some chimera tanks...maybe make a new turret to house the ion cannon?

Ideally, I'd probably brng three of these things along, and stick them in fast attack slots. An additional bonus is that there is no requirement for citadel miniature usage, so I should have an easy time scraping parts together as needed. Heck, I'm kinda liking option #2....get some buggies maybe and make the humans look kinda Mad Max...
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