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Some simple questions
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Some simple questions

ok guys im gunna sound like a absolute newbie but i need to know some simple things here they are:

what is a fireknife?

what is a deathrain suit?

and any other terms that are not in the codex anything would be appreciated

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Default Re: Some simple questions

Fireknife is a Crisis Battlesuit configuration consisting of the Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, and Multi-Tracker. It is a jack-of-all-trades configuration that has lost some of its luster, but is still very popular.

Death Rain is a Crisis Battlesuit configuration with Twin-Linked Missile Pods and either a Flamer (for cheapness and some close encounters) or Target Lock (for units of 2 or more). It is used to be an accurate heavy infantry and light vehicle (Rhinos, Chimeras, Land Speeders, ETC.) destroyer. Accuracy is more important than volume with both Death Rain and Burning Eye. Deathrain is one of the most popular configurations on this board.

Burning Eye = Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle, Flamer or Target Lock
Helios = Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Multi-Tracker
Sunforge = Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator

If you need anything else just say so.

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Default Re: Some simple questions

Welcome to the forums!

Fireknife is a term used generally for a missle-pod and plasma rifle (and Multi-tracker of course) crisis suit configuration.

Deathrain is a missle-pod and burst cannon (i think, or is it flamer and burst cannon?) crisis combo

Dude, do a "search" on the forums and get more in-depth with the tactica that comes with these combos.

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Default Re: Some simple questions

Deathrain is usually a Twin Linked Missile Pod and a flamer.
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Default Re: Some simple questions

true death rain is TL missle and 2 gun drones as GW work shop orignaly gave! but poeple on this web site use it to refer the TL wepoan system ignoring the support system. when you dont understand just ask
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Default Re: Some simple questions

I've got a couple of links for ya, hope it helps....

UK Website

What the names are...

...and what they're good at.

The Important Topics sticky at the top of the Tau board has some really helpful links if you would care to check it out. :P
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Default Re: Some simple questions

Use the forum search feature and read the Important Topics sticky first. And then check to see if the question has already been asked and answered. In this case, asked and answered a few days ago.


There's still many more threads, but you get the point.
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