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Old 27 Oct 2005, 01:01   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Army List

How do you think this army list would fit. I tried to have a fluff of mechanized Tau.

.1 ethereal, honour blade

.11 fire warriors, shash ui, 2 pulse carbines, devilfish with multi tracker

.(X2) 12 fire warriors, shash ui, 2 pulse carbines, devilfish with multi tracker

.(X2) 8 pathfinders, shash ui, 3 rail rifles, devilfish with multi tracker

.(X2) hammer head, rail gun, smart missiles, 2 seeker missiles, multi tracker, decoy launcher

. Barracuda, target lock, disruption pod, decoy launcher, 2 seeker missiles

That's it please give me your opinion on this army. ;D

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Default Re: Army List

What do you mean by fit? Do you mean how good it would be in tournaments?

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Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Default Re: Army List

both as a fun and a tournament army how do u think it would fair
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Default Re: Army List

First should this be in army lists and second honnor blade?
It way sound cool but using it is[glow=red,2,300] very bad[/glow] understand tau no cc

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Default Re: Army List

Most of the fluff surrounding Mech Tau revolves around a Cadre deploying from a Manta. Seeing as how a Manta only has room for 4 'fish/'head chassis, if you're looking to stick to the fluff, you need to drop 2 of your vehicles.
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Default Re: Army List

your list could rely use a couple helios suits.. drop the blade from the ethereal, you should be going into cc anyway. a pair of death-rain suits can make an extremely useful unit to take out enemy transports. a small group of stealth suits (can you tell i like suits).

as for fluff, it is true that you can only fit four fish into a manta, but there are plenty of ways to get around this. I'll leave you to think of your own excuse, but its out there.

allot of skimmer chassis, i like that. still, you may have to drop some of them in favor of the wonderful, wonderful tau death suits from hell

have you played any games with this list yet? i'd like to hear about it.
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