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Do I need Kroot? and other Qs
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Default Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

Are kroot worth it or should i get humans or more fire warriors
Deathrain or not
seekers or not
Thanks in advance

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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

How much do you have already? If possibly, get the battleforce - at that price, the Kroot are basically free. Then try them and see if you like them! ;D

IMO Kroot are great. Deathrain are useful, I always take at least one... but rarely more than one. Seekers depend on how many markerlights you have... change the whole character of your army.
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

I also always use at least one Deathrain suit. It's a cheap and effective weapon when used right.

Kroot are beautiful...and useful. I really like the infiltrating ability. If oppertunity presents itself, I put them in forests or ruins, and otherwise I can still deploy them further back in the lines as a screening unit (Space Wolf Scouts come to mind). I use 2 squads of 10 Kroot each. They really work wonders.

I use seekers. In my 1250p army I use 4 seekers and 3 MLs. Sure, it's points that could be used elsewhere, but for me it just makes my infantry seem like a bigger threat to the enemy. Even if I never get to fire a single seeker, I usually manage to manipulate the enemy in such a way to justify the expense.
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

I'd say none of the things you asked about are required for a successful army, but a couple can be pretty effective.

Kroot are great. I've been experimenting with more and more kroot in my lists, and I've always been pleased with them. As I said, you can build a successful list without them, but I think they can really be effective.

Deathrain suits are fairly handy. They are a bit more variable than kroot effectiveness-wise, as they are much more effective against some armies than others, I find. They also compete for elite slots, which are fairly important to a Tau army (stealth suits especially). I don't usually take these guys, but I wouldn't look down on someone who did.

Seekers are a waste in my opinion. If your list is seeker heavy, and you get an escalation mission, it may work out really well for you. Otherwise, I see the whole seeker system (cost for vehicles, missile, markerlights, upgrades to troops to allow them to carry markerlights, etc) too expensive for what you get out of it....a few str 8 ap 3 shots.
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

Just to clarify: What you get from the upgrades needed for seeker missiles are not JUST a few str 8/3 shots. If you count like that it is definitely not worth it. But what you do get are markerlights that can be used to guide your heavy weaponry or some such later on, and you get a leadership boost to you Firewarrior teams. Then there is the tactcial bonus. Your Firewarriors just became dangerous to a great many more units in your enemy's army. He will adjust for that, or let you use them (potentially).

Of course, as many have pointed out, this is only useful if you want to play that way, and can use these upgrades. In a Mech army I wouldn't really bother. But for me as a Hybrid player, they really work well.
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

Honestly, I don't like Kroot. I just don't think that they have any place in a Tau army from a purely aesthetic point of view. All that high-tech stuff being "broken up" by some fleshy, low-tech Kroot doesn't realy cut it for me. Mind you, I do like how they look and I like how they function, just not with the Tau army (I am currently working on a Kroot Merc Army, so you know). 3 attacks per Kroot on the charge or even 2 shots per Kroot at 12 inches is nothing to ignore. either 60 attacks on the charge or 40 shots for a rapid-firing Kroot squad...yeah. Not fun to be on that recieving end.

If you want units upon units of Kroot, i'd sugest Kroot Mercs. Kroot are Auxiliaries in a Tau army. They buff up your ranks, fill in the gaps where things are a bit lacking. Need some troops to go and root out a hunkered down enemy? get the Kroot. Need someone to bail out your Fire Warriors when they're getting mauled by assault units? get Kroot. My general guidleline for getting Kroot (if I ever had a change of heart in that matter) I would take 1 Kroot Carnivore Squad for every Fire Warrior Team. That way I had enough counter-assault ability while not compromising my shooting line.

Deathrain suits are one of those units that also serve as plugs in your army, filling that anti-transport and anti AV 12 or less niche. What units do you have to fill this role? do you have hammerheads with Ion Cannons? do you have enough anti- 2+ save weaponry? It would help if you would post up a list as to what you have at the moment. Or maybe you're just getting started? that's alright too.

If you wanted Seeker Missiles because you like the thought of throwing about a buttload of Hunter-Killerish Missiles that hit on 2+'s instead of bringing in the "big guns" so to speak, go for it. All I would suggest to you in that case is 3 things: Mechanized army (meaning all things that can take Devilfishes, take them), Pathfinders (for launching as many Seekers as you can per turn), and Stealths (for annoying the crap out of your opponent).

Bottom line is: do whatever feels right to you. the key thing is to have fun. Heck, you don't even have to win all the time to have fun. Take my list for example. My list is Crisis heavy, but it doesn't have much to deal with power armor and AV 14. Heck it can't really even deal with AV 13 that well. It's entirely geared against Horde armies like Orks or the flimsier troops like Eldar and Dark Eldar. Even if I lose all the games with this particular army, I'll still have fun, all the way until the last guy in my army gets moved to the dead pile. My list is in the following link:

"Duty. Honor. Vigilance. These are the three values that you of the Shas Caste should have burned within your hearts. To live these values is to be a Fire Warrior of Ta'ran. It is these values that set us apart from our Sept Brethren. With Duty, Honor, and Vigilance on our minds, nothing can stand in our way."

- Commander Nightstalker
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

I use the kroots for protecting my broadside shuts. I have like over 10 seekers in 1500 point game like 4 on apc 3 on the 2 HH i have.
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

Originally Posted by Vaderhader
Are kroot worth it or should i get humans or more fire warriors
Deathrain or not
seekers or not
Thanks in advance
(1) yes. i always take kroot. why? they're cheap, and absursly effective. one point more than a guardsman, and i get a bolter and 3 SM attacks on the charge, and cool cover rules, and infiltrate. I walways take a pack of 10 in 1000 points, and a pack of 15 in 1500 points. and they usually cause chaos. read my bat.rep where one squad killed about 6 marines, then took a charge from terminators and killed them all, whilst not giving away any VPs at all! I mostly have very good experiences with my kroot.
take them. they're so much fun!

I play a mechanised force, ie everything is either a vehicle, mounted in a vehicle or has jump packs. the only exception are my footslogging kroot. what can they do for me? they can infiltrate, and draw fire. they can guard my flanks. they can offer me a decent counter assault to anything that gets near. they can provide very decent fire support, and with a mech.list, its something you are limited in, due to lack of 30" pulse rifle shots1

(2) Deathrains have a very valuable role of light-medium armour cracker. in the new codex, they're gonna be dirt cheap. so, yeah, they're worth taking. Personally, i take either tl missile pod/plasma, or tl plasma/missile pod combo just so my suits can perform a secondary role. and of course, my sha'el with his higher bs gets fireknife.
definately invest in missile pods. considering my shas'el killed a falcon, 2 fire dragon, and a wave serpent with them, they're worth it!

(3) seekers can be handy. give your FWs markerlights, or take pathfinders, they're certainly a nice addition, and used right, they can cause a fair bit of hurting. light up a predator with your FWs and hit it from the side with a seeker, and you have a very decent chance of cracking open a 150point unit!
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Default Re: Do I need Kroot? and other Qs

I have personally found seekers a waste of points, effort and time. I want my markerlights to guide railguns. I run 3 railguns and 5 markerlights. Anything else is a waste of PF effort IMO.

Kroots are excellent. I run 2 packs of 10 at 1500+. I run 1 pack of 13 at 750pts. It is just essential to have some kroot.

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