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tau cityfight
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Default tau cityfight

so, my friend just got a cityfight codex from e-bay. it's pretty old, and doesn't say too much about tau. actually, nothing about tau... anyway, anyone got any rules for tau in cityfight or anything like tactics or sentries or whatever for cityfight. or does anyone even play this scenario anymore?
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Default Re: tau cityfight

It's certainly a different territory for Tau. Flamers seize the day. As for the codex itself, it's supposedly being rereleased for 2006's summer campaign as "City of the Dead" or "City of Death".
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Default Re: tau cityfight

Most of the stuff doesn't change though technically the Hammerhead submunitions still keep their blast, not being mentioned in the book as an exception or being ordnance...depends how much of a beating from your friends you think you can take.

Cityfight and Tau work really well, the skimmers help get round the problem of vehicles and terrain and can deposit a fire warrior squad on top of a tall building (30" S5 weapons going for rear armour only - nice, especially with the better LOS), there is plenty of cover for drones and Crisis suits to pop up round and to keep kroot safe (as good as if they were in a jungle anyway). Kroot are essential, as to take buildings you have to fight an assault - the lack of grenades and any decent assault troops really shows up here, so it might be worth sacrficing inflitrate for the krootoxs.

The important thing is to stay mobile - whilst flamers have their place here, I would still ponder over taking them. Assault is a lot nastier in cityfight (even compared to 4th ed) and most people will tool up with more assault based armies. Stay mobile and you can keep putting terrain between you and the enemy when you need to or move swiftly to capitilise on the rare times when a squad breaks cover.
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Default Re: tau cityfight

Two words of advice:

1. The ridiculus amount of terrain will make LOS difficult for some of your better weapons, like Missile Pods and Railguns. This includes markerlights (in case you were considering using them to deny cover saves. Great combo in theory, difficult in practice to draw that LOS)! Either get high up and risk taking shots or take SMS weapons and expect the fights to be close and furious.

2. Assault is the Tau bane. Cityfights will lead to lots of assaults. Ouch. Stay mobile and behind that Kroot screen whenever you can!

I think the cityfight FAQ addresses some Tau questions, but I could be wrong. My friends and I fudged a lot of rules to make the CF fit the Tau…and we ruled that submunitions functions exactly like ordnance so no plates.
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