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How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?
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Old 27 Oct 2005, 14:18   #31 (permalink)
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

500pts: None
1000pts: 6 (6 Pathfinders)
1500pts + : 8 (8 Pathfinders)

Only the Pathfinders pack the markers...nothing else.
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

I currently field no ML's below 1,500 points. at 2,000 I field a team of 6 Pathfinders. I find that currently the Pathfinders are far too expensive for me. Perhaps the new codex will make the ML more useful. However, if the cost of the Pathfinder team remains the same (i.e. they must buy the devilfish) then I might bump them down to 1,500 points - but not lower.
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

500 - doesn't happen

1000 - 2 markerlights from Shas'ui FW's.

1500+ - 10. Same as above plus a Pathfinder squad.

Markerlights are rather useful when you play Farsight...
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

500 Points-FW Teamleader with Target Lock 2x
1000 Points-FW Teamleader with Target Lock 3x
1500orMore Pathfiners 5 marker 3 Rail (sms killer (: )
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

I still don't understand this fuss about the expense of pathfinders below 1500 points (or even higher numbers!) I use mine just fine at 1000 points (don't play anything smaller than that, really). I use them a little differently at that level, though. at 1000, I rarely use the markerlights past the second turn. Instead, they represent 8 carbines and a transport. With two static FW squads, a set of stealths, 1-2 hammerheads, and my HQ (I don't bring the three helioses at this level, unless I delete the stealths and the Shas'O), the pathfinders are the finishing touch. They spend two turns marking for the stealth suits, maybe three, then load up and sieze an objective. This way, my stealths kill a LOT of stuff, my firewarriors get to shoot 30" for 6 turns, instead of spending half of the game moving, and I still have 4-5 objective-siezing units to work with.

Of course, where I play, "only" 50% of the armies wear power armor, so it's not as bad as in some areas. Maxing out on AP3 weaponry is not as critical, since I have to worry nearly as much about IG (coming in at about 30%). Of course, with the new nid dex out, I suppose there'll be a lot more nids to contend with when I get home...not that nids are a problem for tau.

Here're a thought for the new codex:

With the availability of a SMS as a devilfish upgrade, we have a really mean gunboat available to us that doesn't take up a slot of its own (the way an ionhead does) in the force org chart...for around 110-120 points, properly kitted (I'm guessing, not really sure what the SMS will cost). Like the quantity of fire put forth by the Chimera (I know I do!)? The fish will be nearly as nasty, only a lot more survivable. I'll be packing several of these babies! Only question is, are they going to do something like they did to the razorback, and reduce the troop capacity for "missile storage"? If so, pathfinders only get 8 man squads anyway, so they're a perfect way to field a gunship.

Also, people complain that the transport isn't justified unless they take all 8 pathfinders, which makes it hard to justify taking rail rifles, since the limit is three, and what are you going to use the five markerlights for? (I find this an odd question, it only makes sense if the rail rifles are the only thing shooting at that particular target on that turn!) Well, if this is a problem for you, the SMS version of the devilfish is worth taking in its own right, so now you can get that little 4-man railrifle squad, and only "waste" one markerlight...hell, upgrade to a shas'ui and give him a target lock...the markerlight is free!
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Default Re: How many Marker Lights do you use in your army?

Simple both have 36 range im talking about rail and marker both are heavy. So they act as the anti SM Group Marker 2-3 Marines 1-2 Railing Marines then 4 marines should normally die thats 60Points. You just waisted with one group.
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