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Jungle Fighting and Tau
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Default Jungle Fighting and Tau

Alright well I think this should be more a general discussion and not army lists so Ill put it here.

I have heard that the next campaign at my hobby shop will be using the jungle fighting rules. This worries me to a certain extent and also makes me happy. I would think that skimmers would have a destinct advantage in a jungle fight but that the range power of the Tau would be reduced. However with my list going mechanized Ill most often now be shooting within a 12-18" area so the jungle fight doesnt seem to be too much of a problem.

What I want to know are what are the tactics you all use in jungle fight, what units work best, what weapon configurations and upgrades and what type of lists in general (mechanized, static, hybrid)?

And a small personaly side queastion I would assume kroot excel in jungle fights but I hardly have any, would it be worth getting some just for the jungle fighting?

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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

Tactics for jungle fights;

Depending on the density of the forest, a whole swath of tactics can be applied in forest combat. kroot, with their fieldcraft skills, should be compulsory. Bring all the kroot you own to a forest battle.

Firewarriros need to ALL be mounted, or else they're going to be useless. Consider giving the carbine to a few fw's, as the range of shooting will rarely be more than 18".

Crisis suits with close ranged weapons such as fusion blasters and flamers come into their own in a forest battle, especially flamer armed crisis. Bring helios for some serious termie whipping, and consider taking a twin linked weapon suit with a flamer as a secondary weapon.

What about hh's? Should you arm them with sms or burst cannons? I would personally go for the sms system, because you can focus more on using the main cannon without sacrificing your firepower against troops. Even when the enemy is hiding, you will have something that can shoot them. (aka assault troops being sneaky)

Stealth suits are an excellent choice for jungle fighting. Infiltrate, combined with nightfighting abilities and burst cannons means lots of dead enemies.

Broadsides should be left at home.

Railgun hh's come into their own vs infantry, who are often clumped to fit into terrain. Because of the cover saves, you may want to consider some tetras for markerlight support, so as to deny cover saves. A pair of tetras working with a pair of railheads can do some SERIOUS damage to infantry. Especially if you float your tank on top of the forest.. but you'd best be armed with a disruption pod and hiding in a corner to avoid some angry return fire.

Due to the short ranges, enemy tanks that don't use indirect fire will be mostly useless at long range. Fusion equipped crisis should be able to deal with any that try to get closer, and if not fusion crisis then hovering railheads as backup. Your hh's have the advantage of firing first; you can either fly above the canopy and fire first, or scoot out from around terrain to get the first shot. Either way, hh's are a good choice. Disruption pods may be a good idea for larger games, on larger tables, so you can fly above the forest without as much return fire.

I personally use kroot even when there is no forest. They are so cheap for what they do, just stick them in cover, infiltrated right where they're needed, and they will shoot and assault well.
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

all good points... just be carefull jumping those stealth asn crisis suits into the jungle...... read your codex regarding movement.

iirc the first move is either walking or jump (yes youmake a diff terrain test an move) then you can jump out fine.....or jump in and roll a D6 per model.... if it comes up 1 someone took a wound

great if you have pths between the trees... suits jump araound the edges while kroot go through.

also SMS are great in this type of game. you know how there is a restriction on how for you cansee into a forest? SMS don't need line of sight do they...... so your enemy hiding in the deep forest ain't so safe... you can still reach out and touch em!
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

I havenīt tried this, but think about it for a second:

Loads of kroot, two units of three broadsides, max. krootoxes on one unit (yes, krootox.)

Now, you have 6 broadsides, capable of shootin 24 SMS to 24" with no LOS.
They you have the kroot, who can, if they donīt move, shoot through 12" of forest. with fieldcraft they are also very mobile (no difficult terrain), and have a good save (4+)

If you keep the broadsides behind the kroot, you have a 24" radius within witch you can shoot any infantry, destroy AV11 vehicles and when they come within6" destroy any vehicle.

Then you have the 12" kroot line, that can fire with unit of 20 kroot and 3 krootox. 40 S4 shots and 6 S7 shots. This should allow you to severely damage the enemies that are closing in.

If you use torrent of fire to remove flamers, your kroot can keep the line for a long time.
If you split the Broadsides to two different flanks, you increase the odds of shootin one of them to side armor, allowing you to destoy things like predators with SMS.

I havenīt tested this, but I think the list has benefits. What do you think?
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

In jungle fights using Tau, try to stay away from stationary units...they usually have a lack of LOS and tend to be over run by lighter units that can hide behind cover to get to their target. So I highly recommend no Broadsides and Pathfinders (yes...I don't even use them in Jungle fights...they just get run over).

Stick with mobile squads: I also highly recommend Drones! They are such a nuscience to the enemy it is quite entertaining! Also stick with some mechanized Firewarriors, but don't go overboard.
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

Don't use suits other than independant characters (they get to re-roll their difficult terrain rolls or something similar), Broadsides seem a little expensive for just the SMS but then I guess it depends how much terrain they use - presumably however much they had or have for Lustria and how many people have close combat armies.

Any idea of when this campaign is, if its not for a while the new Tau codex has SMS devilfish (think IA3 has as well, so could get your hands on that for a bit of an advantage - if they complain point out that you are playing Tau in jungle fight)
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

Defenitely max out on the Kroot. I'd stick with Pulse Rifles. Make maximum use of that rediclious rapid fire.
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

Good points that just inforce what I had already been planning.

This isnt just going to be a board with lots of jungle terrain, this will be actualy jungle fight rules. So only small paths winding their way through lots and lots of woods with the odd ruin or patch of dangerous terrain thrown into the mix. My battle suits are armed with bursts so Im probably going to stick to that and I do have some stealths. Sadly I only have 11 kroot. Then again I also am making my list mechanized so throwing mounted FW teams on the table wont be hard and my commander is already in a helios outfit. With the new codex I may be buying new stealths, maybe a squad of kroot and I might replace some of my crisis suits.

Alternatively I may start up a mobile Blood Ravens force for the new campaign in which case I will find myself clashed with Tau an awefull lot so knowing their jungle fight tactics helps anyway.

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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

Originally Posted by Tastyfish
Don't use suits other than independant characters (they get to re-roll their difficult terrain rolls or something similar),
can you give a page reference somewhere??? 1st i'd heard of this..
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Default Re: Jungle Fighting and Tau

well, the problem with Tau in Jungles is their Jetpacks.... jetpacks and trees dont get along. everytime you do an assault move, or dont want to roll difficult terrain to move your suits, then every time you land in a jungle terrain, you gotta roll a hazardous terrain test: on each 1, someone goes splat! no armor save! no invulnerable save! Instant death style (meaning ignoring multiple wounds)! SPLAT!

Kroot are home sweet home in this case, dont need to discuss much here: +1 coversaves, no difficult terrain checks, etc...

Hammerheads though... hmm wouldnt they ALWAYS be skimming OVER the terrain (if they cant fit in a walkway or path, whatever)?? meaning sure they can see/shoot everywhere, BUUUT everyone out there can see THEM, too! Yikes!

Devilfishes though would SHINE! the big difference between a Rhino transporting stuff and a Devilfish transporting stuff is that the Rhino has to make a hazardous terrain test (see above) as well, while the Devilfish always gets to move max, and deploy troops in covering terrain very reliably, no maybes about it!!
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