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[BatRep] (w maps) Tau vs. Chaos
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Default [BatRep] (w maps) Tau vs. Chaos

Hello there,

Just translated this report so that others than just swedes can read it...
This is one of the first battles in a recently started campaign I'm running for some friends of mine. 1250p armies.


On this page you find the Campaign map, though the site is in swedish apart from the reports. (The map is nice though )

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Default Re: Battle Report (w maps) Tau vs. Chaos

Exelent reports, as for your translation, I saw only 2 words in there that were not english, the title of the end summary and one... um I think it was the equivilant of and on the first or second page.

Anyway that was a close battle, the death of the defiler so early was exelent. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to have a battle cannon keeping units stuck in cover. Especially when you cannot shoot it, the chaos player should have kept that defiler well hidden. Railgun solid shots are exelent for insta killing nasty ICs. Im shocked that ionhead survived. With just a single burst cannon left but still...

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Default Re: Battle Report (w maps) Tau vs. Chaos

Darn! I forgot the Summary title... and an "and" as well Fixing it immediately.
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Default Re: Battle Report (w maps) Tau vs. Chaos

great battle youkilled the defiler in the first turn if u hadnt it woulda beenn annoying as hell i hate being shot by tanks well u did tau proud and good map lol and u used the suits to there full capabiliteis so well done (lke the names 4 ur ppl)
thomas newton
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