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Squad or'es (novel)
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Default Squad or'es (novel)

i am* writing a tau novel. ill post up what ive done so far, ill post more when i can:

My name is shas'ui or'es leader of main special operations squad or'es. we were on a first floor balcony at the outskirts of kauyons capital city shas. Next to me was squad mate shas la shovah meaning farsighted, with his modified pulse rifle he was an excellent sniper. On the other side of me was shas la vral he is armed with a pulse carbine and lots of customized plasma charges. Behind us were squad mates shas la tsua'm and shas la ukos the newest members of the squad, each with pulse rifles and EMP grenades.* We were on patrol for hostile personnel and our last remaining squad mate was in a devilfish skimming the farmlands in the main swamps.

the silence was broken as the unmistakable sound of a devilfish came through the tank access tunnel behind us, the devilfish skimmed and stopped next to us. We turned towards it. The troop door opened to reveal our last squad mate shas la m'yen our stealth expert with a silenced pulse rifle.
"shas ui" he said in his deep gravely voice* "we found a hive fleet landing ship just south of the boarder in the farms, just as we got there" he sighed "a carnifex came out of the ship and we fled to get backup." he said* and I replied "very well." I tuned in the radio in my helmet and locked on to the high etherals signal. I talked quietly* into the microphone, "aun 'o', I have received reports that the is a tyranid hive fleet on the boarders of the farmland."* aun o replied "get your squad down there now, we will send back up as soon as possible!"

I came of the radio and said "Right squad, get in the devilfish" immediately they ran to the devilfish and climbed into the troop door helping each other as they went. I ran over and jumped in putting my weapon in the holder* on the side of the devilfish. the rest of the squad was sitting on the benches as the medical droid hovered over to scan each of them, then it came over to scan me. it was an orange colour with the tau word for medical on it, it had a square body and two rectangular boxes either side, underneath these were two arms equip with different tools. it had stopped just in front of me, and out of the light receptor on the front came a purple mist, the mist covered my body, it tickled slightly then stopped. Then I sat down, and said to the tank commander "take us to that attack."*
as soon as I said that we heard the engines power up with a might grown, we were pulled backwards a little from the acceleration and I knew we were on our way.* *

As we heard the devilfishes engines cool down* we knew that we had stopped. the troop doors opened and I looked outside. there were earth caste bodies all over the place, some moss farms were on fire, and some were just completely totalled. suddenly there were thuds from the burst cannon on the front of the devilfish. I ordered the squad to exit with caution. shas la m'yen went out first, slowly and laid down in the long grass and primed his rifle, next to go were the two rookies, they took position on either side of the troop door, next was the demolitions expert who kneeled down next to the stealth expert. i was next, and i stood out in front of the squad and kneeled, whilst the sniper gave us cover. after a few seconds the sniper came out and took position behind us.

As the devilfish skimmed off into the distance we heard a quiet hissing sound. and suddenly a tyranid warrior pounced at me, as it just got to I thrust my rifle with the double blades into the beasts chest, the creature fell silent, and I kicked it of my rifle. the warrior fell to the ground. the squad cheered at my victory. i beckoned them to my silent. and with a hand signal i got them to follow me. we walked forwards with a slow, silent pace. we advanced into the wreckage of a moss farm, to take cover. the sniper shovah, had crouched by a window* leaning his rifle on the frame work. shas la vral stood by the door with a grenade, ready to pounce on anything that came through. shas la m'yen searched for survivors. me and the other two sat in the middle of the room.

shovahs sniper rifle fired continuously, every time you heard a pulse charge, you heard* a tyranid squeal. after a while I heard the jets from a crisis battle suit. it was shas o kauyon leader of the kauyon army. there was a hiss of hydraulics and the front panel of the battle suit opened to reveal a fire warrior inside. it grabbed its rifle and jumped down, the battle suit stood motionless.
the warrior was highly decorated, a cape on his right shoulder matched the one on the right arm of his battle suit, and* then he spoke "shas ui or es, you're here, good. we have about twenty full assault devilfish on there way now. and soon after battle suit and manta destroyer back-up."
" so well have these tyranids running in no time sir?". I replied. he said "yes pretty much, but, we have a mission for your squad, when the broadsides get here, there will be manta destroyers carrying broadsides for you and your squad. i want you guys to pilot them and lead the broadsides to the landing craft of the tyranids and get inside to plant a plasma charge in five strategic positions and so destroying the ship."* "ok sir!" i said. i paid my respects and shas o kauyon boarded his crisis equipped with a flamer, fusion blaster and missile pod, a perfect tyranid destroying machine.

We went to the point where we were supposed to meet the assault devilfishes and took cover. Then we heard skimmer engines. The squad and i were getting excited as we had never seen the new assault devilfish. There was lots of blurry shadows coming over the horizon, and within seconds the devilfishes stopped and landed right next to us. The devilfishes had a burst cannon mounted on the front, gun drones with burst cannons and a turret with a double burst cannon, they didn't have any doors either they were bigger and carried allot more fire warriors than usual. next came the* manta destroyers tethered between them were broadsides.* i ordered the squad to go get one of the broadsides and then to get comthy. the squad moved of and i followed.

As I approached the manta destroyers the tethers holding my new broadside released, the broadside fell on its back with a massive thud. i ran to the broadside and the cockpit opened. i put my rifle on the rack inside sat down and the cockpit closed. i looked to my left, there was a screen. it said: welcome to the xv88 broadside. specs. arms: rail guns plus multi tracker and drone controller, shoulder mounted: twin linked plasma rifles. please enter your specifications. i entered : shas ui or’es leader of special operations squad or’es, armed with a custom plasma rifle. every screen in the broadside lit up, i looked out of the viewing screen and saw the kauyon sky, violet with three stars close by. at that point wires from inside the broadside connected to my armour. i turned my head and at the same time the head on the broadside moved and i could see across the battlefield in the viewing screen, it was terrible! i manoeuvred the broadside to get up, i armed all its weapons ready. each weapon had its own viewing screen looking down its sights. i saw a warrior , i pointed the right railgun towards it i thought, how do i fire? at this thought the railgun fired. i thought so that’s how, i just have to think about firing. it fired again. “it.” i said with a sigh.

I moved my right leg forwards to take a step, but I forgot that I was moving the broadsides legs as well as my own. I struggled to keep standing, I heard the pistons in the broadsides legs straining as the broadside as well was struggling to keep standing. I walked off. I typed into the written comms link to tell the rest of the squad to converge on my position. a few minutes later the rest of my squad were walking beside me and we were on our way. Gradually the rest of the broadsides caught up. we were five miles away from the destination zone. eventually i saw the tyranid drop ship coming over the horizon. i spoke into the verbal comm link.
“keep your witts about you, were coming up* on the drop ship now!” immediately a broadside an the far right flank, fired a railgun shot, and I saw a carnifex scream and slump to the floor.
“who did that amazing shot!” I shouted over the comm link. straight after someone spoke
“that,... that wasnt that good, I was aiming for the eye, not the neck!”
I replied “someone’s modest!” the same tau spoke again
“you’re to kind shas ui! my names shas la shovah by the way, they gave me a broadside because of my crappy marksmanship!"

We carried on walking, the drop ship got closer, and a saw that it looked organic, alive even.
I opened up the verbal comm link to the rest of the squad and said "o.k guys this isn't going to just be taking out a couple of circuits. we're going to have to blow that thing to the terror!" I wrote into the verbal comm link and sent this message:

FROM: Shas ui or'es
TO: Every member of broadside reinforcements under my command
[start message]

all units increase to full speed until ordered otherwise!

[end message]

I had 350 blinks in the squad status computer, the rest of the broadsides acknowledging my order.
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