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Battle report
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Default Battle report

okay, this was just a nice little game at my gamesworkshop I thought i did okay since this is my first time playing at my store since I just finished my army (well I got enough stuff to play 1000 pt).

okay. I don't remember everything in his army but I will try as best as i can too remember it.

1 Hive tyrant/warp field/ with wings too.
1 zoanthrope
5 raveners
a squad of hormogaunts
squad of genestealers
1 Lictor


Shas'el commander
Fusion blaster
Plasma rifle
Shield gen
Blacksun filter

Shas'el commander
plasma rifle
Burst cannon
missile pod
blacksun filter


stealth team 6

Crisis battlesuit
Shas'ui team leader
Twin-linked missile pod
Fusion blaster
Blacksun filter* *


Fire warrior team 12
Fire warrior team 12
decoy launchers
disruption pod
targetting array

Heavy support:

Hammer head gunship
burst cannons
target lock
decoy launchers
disruption pod
blacksun filter

So we role for level of rules it's omega. Which means that everything in my army except for my one fire warrior squad is on. But it was okay because he only got one squad of genestealers so I geuss it was fair. we were playing seek and destroy.

Tyranid first turn:
He moves his genestealers behind some terrain so my fire warriors couldn't see them. and that's about all

Tau first turn:
I left my firewarriors where they where as they weren't going to be doing anything for a while.

Second tyranid turn:
He rolled for reserves his horomoguants and Hive tyrant came on they were in the open. so the hive tyrant moves with the homroguants through the forest while the genestealers move closer to the right of my fire warriors. His hive tyrant is in range of his gun... not sure what gun it was it had str8 ap4* so he shot at the my fire warriors* killed one. tha'ts the ned of his turn.

Tau turn two:
Rolled for reserves my Devilfish came on my one crisis commander with the shield gen came on and the one crisis battlesuit came on with the twin-linked missile pods. I set them up behind some terrian so they could pop out and shoot at the advancing genestealers. My devilfish set up right next to my fire warriors not wanting to get in sight of that hive tyrant. So I move my fire warriors away from the advancing army knwoing that I am not going to be able to shoot so might as well take advantage of that 30" range when the tyranids arrive. My devilfish moves 7" inchs so he can only get glancing hits. My commander and the other crisis battlesuit pop out and shoot at the advaning genestealers, killing two.

Tyranids turn three:
Now this is the point in the game where i did not like. He got the rest of his reserves so his Lictor deepstrikes or what ever those lictors do right next to my commander and crisis battlesuit, and he also deepstrikes his raveners right next to his lictor. His Zoanthrope starts at the back of the guys table edge. He moves his genestealers towards my fire warriors, but they still can't see them because there behind area terriain. He moves his hive tyrant towards the genestealers postion and the horomoguants finally split of and started heading towards my fire warriors in a way that i could see them, and his zoanthrope slowly advances. He had nothing to shoot so his lictor assualted my commander, this was the point where I wished I had not put both my commander and my deathrain right next to the forest. So he takes one wound of my commander, and my commander attakcs back no wounds on the Lictor and i pass my leadership and we consolidate.

Tau turn three:
Now I was dreading this turn but also loving it at the same time. I rolled for reserves and my hammerhead finally comes on. Not the stealth team or other Crisis commander, as they were having too much fun watching the freakin game to actually come on. So I put my hammerhead next to my devilfish, my Deathrain moves slowly away from the nasty raveners. shooting phase I was loving this because I actually got to shoot, first I shot with my hammerhead at his ravenevers hit, Railgun submunition over them all, they all wound but one he takes his cover saves but the cover saves don't stop two raveners from biting the dust. my fire warriors shoot at them kill another one. My deathrain shoots at them no casulties taken. My asualt phase we do the Lictor and commander my commander actually survives another round, and my deathrain hops back some more .

Tyranid turn four:
He moves his genestealers into the forest which means my fire warriors will be able to shoot at them he moves his hive tyrant but he still is behind area terrian so I can't see him. He moves his hormoguants forward towards my fire warriors some more and the zonathrope slowly advances some more he moves the last two raveners forward towards my deathrain. No shooting for him, assualt phase he finally kills the crisis commander, consilidates back into cover. his raveners assualt my deathrain, destroy it easily as they have rending.

Tau turn 4:
So I roll for reserves finally my stealth team comes on with my commander. I move my fire warriors forward so they are in rapid fire range of his raveners, I put my stealth team next to my devilfish and they pop forward towards the forest with the genestealers, my commander decides to go behind the fire warriors my hammerhead decides to do this too. So shooting phase sees me rapid firing the last two raveners to little bits and pieces. My stealth team shoots at the genestealers in the forest and they see like 4 or 5 genestealers drop. My hammerhead doesn't have really anything to shoot at so he decides to shoot at the zoanthrope who is halfway across the baord, he hits rolls to wound I freakin rolled a 1. So my commander hops side ways shoots at the genestelaers but doesn't kill any, and assualt phase I move my stealth team behind my fire warriors and my commanders decides to hop to his right again liking the view.

Tyranid turn 5:
His hive tyrant actualy got out of the forest, and advances towards my army, the genestealers squad is down to one guy but of course he is fealress because of the synapse so he joins the hive tyrant. his zoanthrope is still out of range of all of his weapons, his hormoguants do wonderfully in their moving and fleet of claw and find themselves within their 12 inch assualt range of my fire warriors. So it's shooting phase for him his Hive tyrant shoots at my hmmaerhead, Glancing only he rolls a 6 on the glancing table, that was really annoying too. His shooting is over so he assualts my fire warriors kills them consolidates into my stealth team. And that's the end of his turn.

Tau turn 5:
Realizing I was pretty much screwed from this point on I just moved my devilfish away from his army towards my crisis battlesuit. My commander couldn't really see anything so he just stayed where he was. Assualt phase for me, he strikes first with his hormoguants and kills three stealth suits, they fail their leadership and run but the hormoguants overtake them and kill them.

Tyranid turn 6:
His Hive tyrant advances with the lone genestealer following in his footsteps. THe zonathrope just stays where he was as it is useless to move him as he woulnd't be able to do anything anways. So his hormogaunts get lucky on fleet of claw again and are assualting my commander, which of coruse he is dead.

Tau turn 6:
Seeing as it is my last turn I thouht I might aswell take those homrogaunts down. So I droped my fire warriors in rapid fire range and blasted away at his hormoguants, killed them all.

Ending game thoughts: I defintely did some things wrong.
1. I should have dropped my fire warriors in my devilfish along time ago and shot at the hormoguants from far away.
2. never put other units close together especialy when your enemy is charging one of your units that is close by for example...* when they consolidated from my fire warriors right into my stealth team.
I had another thing but I just lost that thought

So in the end he had The hive tyrant still left one genestealer and a zonathrope. I had my devilfish with 12 fire warriors. I didn't do too bad.
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
This is all for the greater good.....

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Default Re: Battle report

Yeah, that's pretty cool. You shredded each other up nicely.

But what the hell is it with those glancing sixes? ??? I swear, every glancing hit is a 6. Decoy launcher rerolls are always 6. I think statistically about half of the glancing hits on my vehicles are sixes. I'm going to keep track of that in the future.

Anyway, good job, and thanks for the report. Why did you guys stop on turn 5? He was going to kill you?
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Default Re: Battle report

Yes, getting a six on glancing is no fun whatsoever. But sorry about the turn thing it was just a typo.
This is all for the greater good.....

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