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need help with static
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Default need help with static

i have a tau battle force +4 stealth's+1hammer head+ethereal

OK well i need help with killing smurfs,chaos(thousand sons)

OK well the table has 4 houses that look like they were Egyptian with flat roofs on my side and 3 very tall hills that the enemy hides behind and a trench to fit one squad in ,in the mid:
| |
| |
| ---- ---- ----- ----- |
| | | | | | | | | |
| ----- ---- ----- ----- |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| ---------------- |
| -------------- |
| |
| /----------\ /-------\ /----------------------\ |
| |

well what should i not do and what i should do and where to deploy and so on

PS:i will buy more firewarriors, 3more squads and 2 more stealth's

help (mods i cant fix the right wall when i try to modify it looks just fine but when i save it looks like ......)
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Default Re: need help with static

regarding "help (mods i cant fix the right wall when i try to modify it looks just fine but when i save it looks like ......)" ???

It looks fine to me when its not quoted. Just don't quote it (quoting uses a smaller font size, and that's what messes it up..). Merged posts as well.
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Default Re: need help with static

Use the two center buildings, position your Firewarrior units in those two buildings as you have a longer firing lane. Put the Hammerhead behind one of the buildings to keep it covered for the first turn. Infiltrate the stealths where you deem fit, behind one of the hills on the enemies flank might be good. Keep the crisis suits behind the opposite building the Hammerhead is and keep the Etherial attatched to one of the Firewarrior squads. This is a good board for Firewarriors as there is a lot of open ground for an exelent killing zone. Focus your fire on the largest threat, eliminate it, then move on. Even against marines the Railheads submunition is an exelent thing, I suggest you use the Railgun here. Give your crisis suits either the death rain or fire knife configuration and keep all of your firewarriors with the pulse rifle. The carbine will be next to useless here. If you can include gun drones I would suggest two squadrons to protect the buildings your Firewarriors are in. If the enemy gets too close the drones can rush forward and carbine them, perhaps pin them and then charge if need be.

Those are my thoughts on the matter. Good luck.

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Default Re: need help with static

I have some general advice for static tau here, - Pathfinders. With static Tau you are relying far more on your long ranged big guns to take down threats early before they get to your wall of fire warriors, as opposed to (in Mech) zooming up your fire warriors to deal with targets themselves.

Therefore Pathfinders will be a major asset to you in making those big weapons hurt even harder (actually markerlighting a stealth team can be very useful against horde armies too!) and importantly also take away annoying cover saves which make a mockery out of powerful Tau Plasma and Rail Weaponry.

Hope your army works well for you,

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Default Re: need help with static

okay, where excatly in the Codex does it say that markerlights get rid of cover saves? I have read the codex countless times and have not found any rules that say such a thing.... Thanks
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Default Re: need help with static

Check the Tau faq on GW I know its there. My Codex is outside, its 5:50 in the mourning, I'm half-naked and its cold. I might edit in the codex page # later.
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Default Re: need help with static

The pathfinders are an excellent suggestion. I would put a full 8 of them inside one of the central buildings, and put firewarriors in the one next door. I suggest a "refused flank" tactic here, piling your entire army onto one half of the board, with the possible exception of the stealth suits and the definite exception of the hammerhead. put one squad of firewarriors in the other building on the side you choose, and the rest on the rooftops. This way, the enemy has to get inside the building and kill the squad inside before being able to assault up the stairs onto the roof. Meanwhile, the melee down below will not block your shooting from the roof....not that Ksons are likely to get close enough to assault, due to the slow and purposeful rule...

I can see three possible scenarios:

1. The enemy will match you and pile onto one side of the board. This benefits you for two reasons. First, more men in less space means more targets under the submunition template. Second, with your railhead on the other side of the board, your enemy is likely to be unable to shoot him diagonally across the board (48" is a long way, but reaches only about 2/3 of the way across, diagonally). In this case, infiltrate your stealths as close as you can on his flank.

2. The enemy deploys across the entire board. This means your entire army is facing half of his. Good news for you! In this case, infiltrate the stealths in front of your lines, and move the hammerhead around in your empty half of the board to keep him interested over there, but shoot across the board to reinforce your strong side. In this scenario, you will probably kill 60% of his army with few casualties of your own and likely never shoot at or be shot at by over 30% of his army.

3. He puts one tank-hunting unit on your hammerhead side and puts the rest on your strong half. This will be your most difficult fight, as it is similar to case 1, except that his lascannons will be in range of your hammerhead. Here, you want to put your stealths on your strong side, and use the buildings on your weak side to keep his lascannons on that side from having a shot. You probably won't have room to stay hidden from the weak-side antitank, but stay mobile enough to take only glancing hits from the rest of his army, so this one will be a judgment call. Sit tight behind a building with front armor toward the bulk of his army or zip around to take only glancing hits, but take 3 turns of fire from the antitank unit? In either case, you'll still want to ignore the antitank unit and fire those templates across the board in support of your own lines...especially if he uses flamers of tzeench! Those things are basically flying heavy bolters, they will easily slaughter an entire firewarrior squad every turn if you don't kill them fast.

That brings up a final point. If he's using a lord on a disc, kill that guy first. He's probably an ion bearer looking to summon some flamers of tzeench. Examine his list before the game. Anything with an icon needs to die ASAP. If the flamers do arrive, you're better off in hand to hand combat with them, not only do they rape tau in shooting, they are possibly worse than firewarriors in combat. Charge them if you can.
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Default Re: need help with static

On the crisis suits plasma rifles. Twin linked if the suits BS is 3 lone if its a commander with a 4 or better BS.

Another quick fix which does not involve buying or painting any thing would be 4 seeker missiles on the Hammer head and giving your FW marker lights. The missiles are one shot each but each shot is an intant killed marine. If you can definately keep the FW in buildings.

For myself I prefer an Ion head to the Hammer head. The pie plate is great but it still does not beat his armour save.
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