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UPdate on the portadown college tournament
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Default UPdate on the portadown college tournament

Right, halfway through the campaign and I've gotten through all the toughest people (although I have to replay two of them for various reasons)

I drew up against the Blood angel army and I played last monday (18th october 1005)

He got to choose sides and deloyed first. After everyone was deployed I got the first turn. At the time only his 5 man tactical squad was targetable. OPening fire with my 2 shas'ui (with my list now edited to be legal. no more 'dual' weapons, all tl) I killed two marines and wiped that squard out with the rest of my army. in his first turn, his rhino, filled to the brim with marines drove up at full speed, concealing itself in smoke. his predator with a lascannon struck my hammerhead with no effect. in my turn I shot my railhead at his predator and immobilzed it. My entire army opened fire on the rhino that was turning itself into a kipper. I DIDN'T destroy it. I stripped every single weapon off it and immbolized it but it didn't go poof! IN his turn, he got all his marines out of the husk of a rhino and ran them forward, in charge range. he also deepstriked a veteran assault squad of 5 behind some rocks to protect them from my armies firepower. He charged his marines and killed 4 warriors with no return kills, although the fire warriors stay their ground.

In my turn, since the marines where in combat I tried to kill the marines past the rocks but with no luck. the rail head tried but with no luck again. His assault squad leaped over the rocks and charged into the other firewarrior squads. in thet turn another 4 FW died to the tactial squad and 4 fw died to the assault squad. amazingly the fw against the VETERAN assault squad, fought back and killed 2 veteran assault marines. my turn saw my battlesuits finally taking the rhino for full points. in the assault phase I killed another veteran assault marine while the tatical squad wiped the FWs out. at the end I won by a good 200 points.

finally a win! ;D

next week is against Smurfs
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