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Default kroot

as im going in to town at weekend prob ably i was thinking of getting sum kroot to add a cc elemnt to my army and sum variation *any way what are your thoughts on this should i ?

p.s sorry for wasteing your time :-[
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Default Re: kroot

Use the search function at the bottom of the page, and you will find;


That should help you decide!

Personally, I adore kroot.* Offensively, they out-shoot fw's!* Infiltrate them in cover, and BINGO, better fw's!* They also do well in assault, with 2 attacks base at str 4.
Take them in large squads to help offset their poor ld.
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Default Re: kroot

Originally Posted by kfc-v-lot
p.s sorry for wasteing your time :-[
Why would you think this is a waste of our time?? Helping players see the power of the Greater
Good is the mission of this board. You may get some comments about using the search function (A good idea most of the time), but noone should be telling you that you are wasting out time.
Now is the time for all good Tau to come to the aid of the Greater Good.
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Default Re: kroot

Yes, kroot are very good especially if you want something that isn't going to die very fast..... well that is if you put them in cover.... but yes just becase kroot guns aren't Str 5 Ap5 does not mean they aren't good... they make it up fo in their sheer amount of shots cause you get so many of them lol I love rapid firing with 20 kroot mmmmm ;D. And kroot are cheap, which is really nice.
This is all for the greater good.....

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