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[BatRep] Tau vs IG 1600 Take and Hold
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs IG 1600 Take and Hold

Edit: Ack! My images are too wide! Mental note for next time

This will be my first attempt at using images to illustrate a battle. Only have MS paint right now, so forgive the crudeness of my diagrams and use your imagination a little

I had planned on just playing 1500 points, but the first player who showed up wanted to play at 1600, so I added a devilfish to my list....a list that was a little different than my norm:

Shas'el with TL PR/FB/HW MT 96 points
Shas'el with TL PR/FB/HW MT 96 points

2 fireknife suits 130 points
4 stealth suits 120 points
4 stealth suits 120 points

12 firewarriors 215 points
devilfish with MT/DL
16 Kroot 112 points
16 Kroot 112 points
14 Kroot 98 points

Railhead with BC/MT/DL/DP 170 points
Railhead with BC/MT/DL/DP 170 points
Ionhead with BC/MT/DL/DP 150 points

Didn't get a list of the opponent's army, but it looked something like this:

IG (doctrines: Close order drill, sharpshooters, cameoline (however it's spelled))

Command squad with medic, officer with p. sword and commisar with P sword
Inquisitor with p.fist, +2/+4 save, 2 psych powers, guy with p.pistol and guy with p.fist

Vindicaire Assassin

Armored Fist Squad with melta gun
Command squad with p.fist officer
10 man squad with autocannon
10 man squad with missile launcher
10 man squad with flamer
10 man squad with lascannon
10 man squad with grenade launcher
(may have had some vox casters scattered throughout)

Basilisk with Indirect Fire
Leman Russ with Lascannon, HB sponsons

Setup went something like this...scale is off in some places, so be prepared for the occassional jumpage of troop movements. Bunker in the center was the objective. Green blobs are forests, hollow gray things are ruins, solid shapes are solid buildings. I held my two shas'els in reserve to deepstrike (played at gamme level)

First turn went pretty well for me, I thought. Only lost a few kroot...his ordenance scattered off, and my kroot did pretty well with their cover. The basilisk's shot drifted back and hit the hammerhead's rear armor, but failed to glance. The sniper's turbo-penetrator round also failed to penetrate.

My turn went somewhat better, although it was the beginning of a long, painful process to dig those IG squads out of their cover (+4 cover save +1 for cameoline). He put his basilisk so far back into the corner that the forest didn't cover it completely from my ionhead, so I took the shot and took it out. Very handy. Stealth suits broke the lascannon squad, and they fled off the board. Also handy.

Poor firing from him in general....except for the four wounds his grenade squad and assassin put on my stealth team. I failed all of them. Ugh.

I didn't know what was in the chimera, so when the crisis suits only shook it, I decided to let the stealths take a shot. Two penetrations and a glance later, the thing lost its multilaser and was shaken twice more. Dumped the AF squad with the melta gun, killing half. Decided to move my kroot on the left around to play with the command squad. I decided to play less timidly than usual, and accept a few more casualties to try and demolish the enemy....we'll see how it works....

Top of the third, and his shooting managed to plink a few kroot here and there, but nothing major. He remounted the chimera, drove forward, and wanted to fire the melta out the top. Seemed a little odd, as the vehicle was shaken, but I let him take the shot. He missed. He did shake my hammerhead. Assault went poorly for both sides, so we consolidated.

I had forgotten to roll for my reserves last turn, but this turn I got one shas'el in. Didn't have anything really juicy for him, so I stuck him behind the chimera. Moved up several units (kroot in ruins, devilfish) but more poor shooting and tough cover saves meant very little killing. Crisis suits killed the chimera. In assault, I killed the medic and inflicted 2 wounds.

His Leman Russ finally gets a nice hit and he shakes the devilfish, while the blast kills 5 firewarriors. Plinks a few kroot around the table, command squad dies in HtH, kroot advance.

Pretty much mopping up operations at this point. Other shas'el comes in, and I figure I've got nothing to lose, so I drop him near the leman russ. he scatters on top of it and dies. C'mon, a massive suit burning into the top armor has got to do some damage....
Anyway, hammerhead kills the assassin with a solid shot, and the other railhead takes out the Leman Russ. My living shas'el assaults the Autocannon squad, but the kroot fail to make the difficult terrain check to assist. Autocannon flees, gets away, but shas'el consolidates the 6" into him. My fireknives only kill 1 guy from shooting, so they assault the remaining two. Nothing.

His platoon leader rushes in to help out the desperate autocannon. Two wounds from the str 6 p.fist get through, while my shas'el fails to do anything. He runs and gets away. His inquisitor and retinue spent this turn and last shooting thier plasma pistol and then assaulting my ionhead, to no avail.

And, the final Tau round of cleanup. We had planned to go 6 rounds, but there wasn't much point.

So, he had his Inquisitor minus retinue left and an under-halfstrength grenade squad left.

I had lost a few kroot from each squad (although none were under half), 5 firewarriors, a shas'el and 4 stealth suits.

Not bad overall. I was pretty impressed with the kroot. They took a hail of fire throughout the game, and suffered very few casualties. They either tied up enemy units, or actually killed a few in return. Not bad. Stealths and hammerheads are always handy, although the freak four failed armor saves sucked.

I got the impression my opponent hadn't played much since fourth edition came out, but I could have been mistaken. It was a bad sign when, at the very beginning, he placed his blast template on the table and started "guessing" for range with his basilisk.
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Default Re: Battle Report Tau vs IG 1600 Take and Hold

Congratulations on a stunning victory!*

Too bad the guy didn't really know about 4th ed... that would have made the battle a little more balanced.* That, and his basilisk wasn't cleverly hidden, it was killed 1st turn.* too bad for him....

Instead of looking for what YOU could have done better (because you did really well) let's look at what HE could have done better.

What was that chimera up to?* It drove out in the middle, making it very easy to shoot into side armor 10.* The squad also didn't have any support, it looks like.

Flamers!* Kroot wouldn't have liked any flamers.* If he'd charged you with the ones he had, your kroot charge would have been stopped.* Something to look out for in the future.

Lascannons with sharpshooters would have done a number on your tanks AND battlesuits.* Good thing he didn't have any.* Autocannons really don't do much vs tau, for their cost.

Other than that, his leman russ shouldn't shoot tanks in 4th ed.* That whole thing with the center having to be over the tank is a pain.* Infantry still get squashed good though.

OK, looks like in strategy terms, he made 2 mistakes; chimera and basilisk.* The rest was his army list being ineffective vs your tanks and crisis, and no flamers for your kroot.

Lesson?* Mech tau works!* But always be aware of what your opponent COULD have done to stop you... that baslisk could have squashed your kroot and ESPECIALLY your crisis if he had hidden it better. The chimera could have gone after your kroot when they advanced, but was wasted.* When we are more aware of how our opponent could have done to stop us, we are better prepared in the future to stop him, should he try it.*

Great job, you really out-maunevered him with your list and with your tactics.* GJ on the maps too!* Really helpful.* How did you do them?
War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it; the crueler it is, the sooner it will be over. - General William Sherman
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Default Re: Battle Report Tau vs IG 1600 Take and Hold

This battle was similar to my game last week....I could tell early on it would be tough to lose just based on army lists. I'm not sure if shooting the battle cannon was better or worse than shooting the lascannon at my hammerheads....the hammerhead is pretty big, so you get a decent amount of drift in certain directions to still get a hit, pluis you roll two dice for armor penetration, so the lower strength balances out.

What I wanted to test was:

Several kroot squads: Overall, I was pleased.
Fireknives: I couldn't decide what setup to go with these guys....despite the "Fireknives: Why you shouldn't take them" thread, fireknives seem the most appropriate setup for my elite crisis squad: missile pods to hurt vehicles and long-range targets, plasma to plink marines and such.
Rail/IonHead balance: Seemed to work pretty well, although the ionhead was at reduced efficiency after the basilisk died....the ioncannon was sort of wasted after that (it was just as good as a burst cannon for all practical purposes).
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