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Should i wait?
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Old 15 Oct 2005, 15:55   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Should i wait?

Should i wait till the new new codex comes out before i start a Tau army or should i buy the battleforce at Christmas?
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Default Re: Should i wait?

Im waiting for the new codex before buying anymore stuff. Then when it comes out ill have a nice amount saved up and can choose whether i like the new or old models more.
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Default Re: Should i wait?

What seems to be changing are these:

Crisis suits (minor ankle supports)
Broadsides (same as crisis suits)
Stealth Suits (total redo)
New Etherial Models

Kroot, Firewarriors, Drones, Tanks and the rest should not be changing so buying those wont matter either way. The stuff being altered is up to you really. The only thing I would wait on are the broadsides, stealths and etherials, crisis are good as they are but stealths are totally changing, new and better etherials and the broadsides are just a pain to build atm, the new ones might be a whole lot better.

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Default Re: Should i wait?

Unless you want to wait for the new crisis suits to come out, on which we really dont know anything about yet, gettting a battleforce shouldend impare you any. Its unlikely that well see any changes on FWs, Kroot, and Drones. Of course there will probably be a new Tau Battleforce comming out, so maybe you'll want to wait and see what that includes. I myself am hoping that they release a new Army deal with a new limited edition mini ;D.
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Default Re: Should i wait?

I personally wouldent wait. The crisis might be better. But you could get 4th v crisis as well. I would go wiht battleforce at christmas.
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Default Re: Should i wait?

I wouldn't wait... Unless you have the patience to wait for the new crisis suits to come out... then I would buy a few FW, drones and kroot while I wait since they won't be changing as far as I know
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Default Re: Should i wait?

The Battleforce won't change much. Drones will have some new additons, but nothing that'll be added to the BF, Kroot aren't getting much new in terms of modeling, FW are getting no upgrades, and the Crisis Suits are only getting cosmetic mini upgrades (as you know, the ankles are a little weak.)

Overall, waiting won't result in a huge difference for the BF, but you wouldn't lose anything by waiting. Up to you.

Personally, I'm done with buying Tau for a bit, but that's because I've hit 1k points, and the Black Templars come out in November! ^_^
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Default Re: Should i wait?

i would personally buy the battle force now look at the stats:

$90 for:
$35 kroot
$35 FW
$60 battlesuits
total savings=$40
and when the new codex come out it will probly be uped <the price that is>

buy now save later ;D
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Should i wait?

buy models now, buy current codex on ebay for cheap, buy new codex when it comes out, use new rules. problem solved
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Default Re: Should i wait?

You will be able to buy the old stealthsuit models cheaper once the new models come out. That is a good thing right?
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