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Kroot as Nightfighters
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Default Kroot as Nightfighters

I am putting together a Tau list that is special trained in Night Fighting tactics. I am debating whether the Infiltrate and fieldcraft functions of a Kroot Squad would be useful. I am also thinking that the boost in CC would come in handy also. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome.
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

Kroot would be great in a nightfight, as it really doesn't hurt them very much. Night fight range is about 18", and with a 24" range this won't hurt terribly. Plus, infiltrate means you can get close, and fieldcraft is great at any time of day. kroot are certainly a viable option at night.
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

If anything it benefits them as they can move between forests much more safely than during the day. Not sure how much I woud rely on their CC skills offensively, but a counter attack unit is going to be especially useful

Backgroundwise I think they are pretty good at night, it not being all that different from a forest with a large canopy. Don't have pupils though so I guess they are relying more on their sensorary quills at night, havne't got their IX with me to say more.
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

Stealthsuits shine in Night fight. They have a better chance of getting into CC than seeing you... move them between 13-18 inches away from enemy light infantry.

Why? Well... if they roll 6-6, they see 18'' worth of SS sightings. Distance halved at night.
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

Valid point, but this is a talk specifically about Kroot as nightfighters, not "which Tau unit is the best for nightfighting".

Kroot can afford to me very mobile when nightfighting, moving with comparative impunity between forests. It's a very useful unit at any point, but at night it is even moreso...
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

On night missions i usually rely on my stealthsuits to do the harassing and have a base of firewarriors for shooting. black sun filter costs 3 points which adds up to alot but your guys will be able to see twice what the enemy sees.
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

Again, it's Kroot at night, not Tau.

And being able to move freely without much care for cover beyond 18" would be awesome for kroot, IMO. Use your concentrated firepower to signle out units, running the Kroot over to the fight under cover of darkness. Once the unit is broken by the shooting, run'em down with the Kroot. Should work beautifully...I think...
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Old 17 Oct 2005, 14:17   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Kroot as Nightfighters

Thanks for all the replys. Looks Like I'll have at least one unit of Kroot in my nightfigthing team. As for the ideas of Stealth - Already there. Planning to go very heavy on the stealth. I'm lloking at 2 of my elite slots taken by Stealth Teams. I figure with a Monat 'el as commander and another 3 Crisis suit team - I should be doing well on Battlesuits.
Now is the time for all good Tau to come to the aid of the Greater Good.
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