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Olannon 14 Oct 2005 11:27

Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
Well, you read the headline. In the 4th ed rulebook, targeting units that ain't the closest target requires an ld test. It specifically states that you can ignore infantry in order to target large targets. However, it says nothing about the other way around, so I'll assume you will have to pass an ld test if you want to avoid shooting at a tank, instead firing at infantry.
Eg, a squad of 10 Space marines with a heavy bolter has a leman russ as their closest target. However, the marine player will obviously want to target the hardened veterans 3" further away then the russ. Indeed, they can't hurt the tank anyway, whilst they will probably destroy the vets in a single turn of fire. So, it might sound ridiculous, but I think they need to pass that ld test, because the rulebook implies that you'll have to.. What do you think?

Anyway, this want the main question, but I think you need to understand that one before you can answer this one:
Can an IC be targetted if a tank is a closer target? Eg, say you play MechTau, and your shas'el's running around, behind your 3 'fishes loaded with FW's. Of course, most infantry won't be able to hurt the tank, unless they've brought a heavy weapon. Still, can they target the shas'el, or is he 'un-targetable' until all the tanks have been destroyed?

This IS quite important, and a vital question, at least for my playstyle (MechTau, you probably guessed that by now ^^ )


march10k 14 Oct 2005 11:36

Re: Simply rules question (targeting IC's)
Actually, the second question does not depend on the first. The only thing that could be ignored to shoot at the IC would be stealth suits.

As for the first question, I beleive the marines need a leadership test to shoot anything but the tank. Not that that's a hard test to pass!

Olannon 14 Oct 2005 12:42

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)

Originally Posted by march10k
Actually, the second question does not depend on the first.* The only thing that could be ignored to shoot at the IC would be stealth suits.

Ok, look at them as 2 separate questions then ^^


Vash113 14 Oct 2005 15:30

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
march is correct here. You can ignore the clossest infantry unit to shoot at a tank but not the other way around. This basicly means that when you see a massive metal behemoth coming at you infantry suddenly arent so scary but a few IG behind this behemoth arent going to scare you into shooting at them instead of the tank. Make sense?

As for the IC the unit specification is for everything, infantry, walkers, and tanks. I dont know about flyers, I doubt it though. The only unit that can be ignored for this is the stealth suits as they never block line of sight for such purposes and leadership tests are not needed. This means that they are cloaked so unless the enemy was looking for them they would be unseen but the shas'el behind them would be perfectly visible.

Alpha_Omega_Tau_Sq 14 Oct 2005 15:49

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
so then technically, not a legitamate strategy, u could line tanks infront of your infantry and just storm the enemy and they'll hav to fire at the tanks?

think of the possibilities w/ front armor 14 tanks???

Drodo 14 Oct 2005 16:12

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
That is part of the trick of the FoF tactic, to shoot the FW you have to pass a Ld test.
And skimmers don't block line of sight, so the units behind the tanks can happily fire.

And the IC can't be targeted at all unless he is the nearest unit. Not even with a Ld test.

Elessar 14 Oct 2005 16:18

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
Can you ignore one tank to shoot at another? For example you have a landraider and a rhino the rhino being 3" behind the landraider bu still in line of sight of your FW can you just ignore the landraider and shoot at the rhino.

Andromidius 14 Oct 2005 16:25

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
I would say not, but I don't have the rulebook in front of me.


[something clever] 14 Oct 2005 16:58

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
Haha, I just asked the same thing in the "Devilfish" thread.

We came to the same conclusion... if the Devilfish is the closest unit to the firers, then they must pass a Ld test to fire at anything but the DF.


Ellesar, check pg. 19 in the rulebook. Specifically the Large Targets portion.

Drodo 14 Oct 2005 17:02

Re: Simple rules question (targeting IC's)
You can only ignore troops to shoot at monstruos creatures, artillery, tanks.
ANY other circumstance needs a LD test.
To choose a tank over other tank, is like choosing a troop unit over another troop unit. So you check Ld.

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