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Where's the best fluff Found.
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Default Where's the best fluff Found.

You guy seem to have all read more about the tau than me. I have read the codex & imperial armour v3 + various issues of White Dwarf. But what have I missed because you make some references that I just don't get. Help get me up to speed.
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Default Re: Where's the best fluff Found.

I would check the Fluff/stories pages :-\
But yeah some guys around here seem to be living among the Tau ;D
But I think most got their info of White Dwarf, the Codex, Firewarrior, and the IA (don't know which issues Tau are in)


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Default Re: Where's the best fluff Found.

tau and kroot index xenos

tau battlefleet gothic fluff

tau epic fluff
and check their PDF

there is also a second tau BFG article on their new fleet, the CPF which i have. but its not online anywhere to my knowledge...

and thats enough fluff for now. no need to explode your head just yet... ;D
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Default Re: Where's the best fluff Found.

thank you both for the replies & Deadknight thanx for the links I better get reading so I can keep up with some of you Tau experts ;D
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Default Re: Where's the best fluff Found.

Tau really don't have a lot because they're so new. It shouldn't be too hard for you to read it all. Now if you had asked about Space Marines...
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Default Re: Where's the best fluff Found.

Whilst you probably have them (not sure which WDs you have) the stories with the war reporter, propaganda and first encounter with Chaos and the Kroot are on the GW UK site along with O'shovah's hero or villain piece

http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/background/1/ - Tau background
http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/anghkor-prok/1/ - Angkhor Prok's background (well its part of the PDF rules file)
http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/oshovah/ - O'shovah HorV

Is there not a Tau fluff link databank here, perhaps this should be stickied to make one?
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