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Purist or Mixed
View Poll Results: Is your army pure Tau, do you use Kroot, or Gue'vesa, or both?
Kroot and Gue'vesa 16 38.10%
Kroot 20 47.62%
Gue'vesa 2 4.76%
Kroot and Gue'vesa 4 9.52%
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Old 12 Oct 2005, 23:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Purist or Mixed

Well we have all heard the question or hybrid, mech or static. But what about the actual races in your army.

Do you use all Tau?

Do you use Tau and Kroot?

Do you use Tau and Gue'vesa?

Or do you use all three?

What are the races represented in your army?

Personally my army is pure Tau, I have not yet found a good use for Gue'vesa or Kroot in my army but I intend to get a unit of Vespids and Gue'vesa when the new codex comes out and give them a try.

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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I guess I'm enough of a powergamer to base my inclusion of non-Tau troops on usefulness, not fluff. I'll use Kroot fairly regularly, but I don't use humans. Not worth it when Kroot are available.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I use Kroot because they fill a great purpose in my army. They are really useful compared to their low cost.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

For being able to out-shoot fw's, have great cc ability, infiltrate, fieldcraft, and all for 7 points.... kroot make an excellent addition to a tau army. What situations AREN'T they good for? Besides planet bowling ball.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

pure, for one thing Sept R'ed Dwerf is a highly xenophobic Sept, also however, gue'vesa aren't nearly cheap enough to be that bad, and there's just not enough large forests for Kroot, and in what world can Kroot outshoot the noble Fire Warriors?
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

The Kroot outshoot by numbers. For 5 Fire Warriors, you can have 7 Kroot. You get more guns at the same BS with one less S and AP. If in cover, this can outshoot Fire Warriors in some cases, especially since you can have plenty more Kroot in a single squad than Fire Warriors. By strength, the Fire Warriors outshoot the Kroot by a lot.

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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I've a Tau Army, Gue'Vesa Army and a Kroot army. When I want to use any of the other races, I just auxiliary their troops into my Tau army.

The original Tau army is purist, but I can have either races if I wish to.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I have Tau and Kroot. And I play hybrid mech. Kroot are great, I'm not sure about Gue'Vesa though, as I don't have the resources to convert them.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I play all three , I love to use the full and complete power of the Tau empire and once the vespids come out there in the army too.
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Default Re: Purist or Mixed

I use both Kroot and Gue'vesa, aswell as sometimes fighting with a pure army. It mainly depends on what the senario is. Depending on that, I incorporate either the Kroot or the Gue'vesa in my force.

Very usefull
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