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The result of the Tash'ver tau vs. the 21st green hawk company
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Kroot Shaper
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Default The result of the Tash'ver tau vs. the 21st green hawk company

To put it plain and simply. I slaughtered him, fully and absoululty.

He got no victory points what so ever. while I massacred his forces.

I opped out of my fof list and went for a mech army. I had basically 12 fire warriors dived into two group of 6. two broadsides in a squad, with target lock and multitracker, a squad of three shas'ui battlesuits all with TL burst cannons (not dual XD), a missle pod, multi-tracker and 2 drones each. a shas'o with Burst cannon, missle pod and fusion, multi and 2 drones. finally, a group of 3 stealth suits with 3 drones.

I got the table selection and I let him choose the side and he deloyed first. I got first turn and after a general advance (bar the broadsides) I opened fire, it took one penetrating hit on the leman russ and boom! it was gone. The 3 battlesuits opened fire with missle pods and struck the front of the chimera, 2 penetrating, I shook then destroyed it. The stealth popped up and killed 2 Guardsmen in carapace armour. my opponent took the best of 10 minute to think of what to do, all he did was move the other chimera to the side of the ruin my stealth moved into. the guards got out and did nothing. the guards in the destroyed tank ran from battle after 3 of their freinds died. the battlesuit team struck the side of the chimera with their burst cannons, destroying it. after that, the mass of his IG just stopped dead, he never did anything else, but fire autocannons. we stopped the game when he gave up.

^^ I think I'm converted to a mech tau army now.
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Default Re: The result of the Tash'ver tau vs. the 21st green hawk company

That isn't quite a mech army... more of a hybrid one.

But good job never the less.
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