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Default Campaigns

I'm out of ideas for campaigns. and when I say campaigns I mean ones with at least 4 scenarios. However, if u have ideas for single battles, those would be usefull as well.

I'm really bad at making up things like that, so any advice, help or ideas are welcome.

I would also like to know what your favorite special rule is. (ie: nightfight, infiltration, ...)

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Default Re: Campaining

None. Battles should be waged over an objective, not over a special rule.

For scenarios, Bunker Assault (the proper version, from the 3rd Edition Codex) is my favourite.
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Default Re: Campaining

I like take and hold missions myself or hold at all costs. You can add special rules depending on who won or lost the last fight or just bash it out over a campaign map and slowly increase the points. Campaigns arent hard to make, making good ones is the tough part. As long as you have fun though you did it right.

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Default Re: Campaining

A question re: Campaigns. If I had a system of map-based campaign rules, where would be the best place to post them?
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Default Re: Campaining

my main prob is that I like having really cool backgroud storylines in my campains. I always enjoy it more when I'm playing out a story rather than just some random game. The only problem is that I have terrible imagination for this sort of thing.
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Default Re: Campaining

i made up some rules for campaigns, but i they are still a prototype (but almost complete)... im still building the web page :/ its in spanish, but i hope someone could make some use of them :-\

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Campaining

make a swamp fight... always fun

some mates and I came up with these rules a while ago

Swamp Patrol

Entire table is swamp.
Objective in the center

Deploy in table quaters..... no closer than 24" to each other or closer than 18" to objectice

No infiltrate or deep strike.

Closest to objective at end of game gets 100 VP

Otherwise score as recon

Now it gets tricky.....

AS the terrain is swamp you have the following restrictions.

NO tanks including defilers etc(they sink in the swamp)
NO dreads, war walkers, whraithlords, killer cans etc.

Infantry - all infantry moves as diffucult terrain on 3D6... not 2D6
Jump infantry may use their jump abilities as normal.... but remeber they are landing in dificult terrain

Any units with Heavy weapons - 1/2 distance rolled for normal infantry... this is a boggy swamp and heavy weapons are heavy!

Terminator armour/wraithguard/broadsides etc 1D6 movement (or not allowed)

Infantry Special rule:
Any unit of ground based infantry, that does not move for 2 turns is at risk of sinking into the swamp at the beginning of the 3rd turn (even if planning to move) roll a D6. 1= 1 model has become stuck and sinks into the swamp despite the best efforts of their squadmates. counts as a casualty as normal ( ie under half strength, etc)

Skimmers have the following rule

start of each turn Roll D6
4-6 = everything ok,
1=ground subsided and skimmer lurches 2D6 in random direction. turn model to represent new direction. Crew Stunned
2-3=Had to swerve to avoid pocket of "Marsh Gas". Crew Shaken

Skimmer infantry
(jetbikes, necron destroyers etc) roll a D6, 2-6 everything is fine, 1= Pinned due to "Garsh Gas"

Can be played with or without an objective but more fun with

Variation. have objective as a small token, ammo crate etc. get it off the board!! and unit touching the objective may pick it up (basic infantry only) move 2D6 rather than 3D6 due to extre weight.

500pt 4 player struggles are fun but reduce the distance limitations for setup.

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Default Re: Campaining

nice rules 8) Its also fun when you have one army in a large bunker/fortress, and a huge army (preferably of Orks or Tyranids) running in an all-out assault towards the bunker/Fortress. The bunker/fortress army has to be way under-pointed, sort of like a last-stand.

Defender wins if attacker is annihilated
Attacker wins if defender is annihilated
These missions are always fun ;D * * * *

Originally Posted by Wargamer
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Default Re: Campaigns

This is just a few notes and ideas regarding a 40k campaign. Haven't play tested them yet - will let you know as I get a chance. Any comments are welcomed.

1. Each Player is assigned a place on the organization Chart. By default the player with the first battle on Campaign Turn 1 is considered the point leader.

2. The player who gets 1st battle this turn rolls a d6 and consults the organization Chart.
1. No Battle this turn
2-3. Battle the Player immediately preceding you
4-5. Battle the Player immediately following you
6. Battle the Points Leader (If you are the points leader treat this as #1)

3. The player then rolls normally for the scenario being played. Play proceeds to the next player.

4. Once all players have fought their battle the campaign round ends.

5. Calculate experience for each unit. Each unit must replace lost units with those that are purchased from their point totals. Point totals are calculated as follows. If a unit does not have enough points to replace its losses it must still spend points in a manner to restore as many units as possible to original strength. Note that this step is replacement only. No changes, additions, or subtractions can be made at this point.

50 Points for every intact HQ unit. 25 Points for those at 50% strength.
10 Points for every intact Elite, or Heavy Weapons unit intact. 5 points for those at 50% strength.
25 Points for every intact Fast Attack unit intact. 10 Points for those at 50% strength.
50 Points for every intact Troops unit. 25 Points for those at 50% strength.
100 Points for a Slaughter, 50 points for a Victory, 25 Points for Draw, 10 Points for a loss.

Notes: Dedicated Transports and attached units count as models for determining 50% strength status (this includes drones, servitors, etc.)

6. After units have been replaced to their full strength, additional units may be added, subtracted, or changed at this point. If you wish to substitute, or change options substantially (25% or more of base model or unit cost), a 10 point penalty will be assessed. All added units must be a legal unit according to your armies force organization and codex.

7. Calculate the revised point totals of the army. Add any unspent points. Determine the new point leader. Recalculate the Organization Chart to reflect changes.

8. The campaign continues until all units are destroyed by attrition, or a preset # of turns could be declared, an opponent concedes etc. However your group wants to proceed.

These are just something I cooked up. The idea of not having a battle on the random turn would be for things like rest and refit. If you think about it - missing your turn might not be such a big deal as you could fight many battles with other players on their turns, particularly if you are the points leader as everyone gets a shot at you. Again Comments are welcomed.

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Default Re: Campaigns

FireHawk, your idea seems pretty good... I thought of doing smthing quite similar but not random at all... I was just gonna do like they do for the Louis Vuitton cup (sailing) and have every player battle the other twice and then split them up into 2 groups: group 1 - they battle for the semi-finals and finals. group 2 - they battle to see who comes last. However, this method works better if there are an even number of players...
quoted from an HH pilot: "I get hammered at work!"

Death is only the beginning. It is a gateway accessing the unknown, and, sooner-or-later, we will all cross over.
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