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Seeker Missiles + Crew Stunned/Shaken
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Default Seeker Missiles + Crew Stunned/Shaken

(The old thread seems to have disappeared into the depths of the Tau board..)

Picked this up from 40k Forums, can be found here

Rules clarification from the UK team.. via email, with regards to the issue of firing seeker missiles whilst crew shaken/crew stunned are in effect.. and they've used the same logic as we have!

Originally Posted by Kommie with railguns
A while back their was a debate about seeker missles.
What can they do, what happens when.

I sent the rules people in the UK an e-mail .... and they answered

So here the question.........

Dear hobby specialist

We've been playin a game with Tau seeker missles.

Heres the question: If the vehicle( devilfish) is stunned or shaken
can the seeker missles still be fired from a markerlight ?

The codex says they are fired independently from the crew.
( Tau codex page 20, seeker missles)

Also do they count as wargear and cant be affected
or can they be destroyed by a weapon destroyed roll.?

If possible please add an explanation ( we've been having a little
argument now for quite a while)

Many thanks in advance.

.....and heres the answer:


As per the description for the seeker missiles on page 20 of the Tau Codex the Seeker Missiles are not part of the vehicle other than being carried by it and so cannot be fired by the crew (and so are not effective by crew shaken and crew stunned)
This means that if you vehicle suffers crew shaken then you can still launch the missiles using marker lights! Which is rather deadly!

As they are an upgrade (see the Armoury on page 20 of the Tau Codex) and not actually a weapon they cannot be destroyed by the weapon destroyed result on the vehicle damage chart on page 67 of the Warhammer 40k rulebook.

I hope this helps,

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact us again.

Please include all previous email correspondence in your replies, or if you prefer, you can give us a ring on 0115 9140000 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cheers, hear from you soon,

Miles H

Games Workshop Hobby Specialist
All rules answers unofficial until they appear in White Dwarf

So here you go the "officially" unoffical answer of the rules people.

Note: If you want the original e-mail pm me your e-mail address and
I'll send it to you
*added in some extra formatting, the quotes etc*

I'm not sure if the 'All rules answers unofficial until they appear in White Dwarf' was part of it, though I think GW should be contacted to include this clarification.. if they're not planning on doing so already..

Hopefully that will clear things up, even though its not an "Official" answer (e.g. not in a GW publication..)
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