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Tau Army Help
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Default Tau Army Help

I'm starting a tau army, have any suggestions? Tips?
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Get the Battlebox. it comes with MOST of what you need. Then buy a Hammerhead and a Devilfish and you are good to go.

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Default Re: Tau Army Help

I second the battlebox. It's great, if you spent the same money on individual boxes you would have no Kroot, less gun drones, and no... jungle trees? Um, ok. Still, a great buy. Free Kroot!

Obviously you need the codex also. After that, or before it, or whenever, you need to decide what type of force you want. If you buy 6000 points worth of stuff obviously you can build any army you want, but money is a constraint, so consider what you want your early army to do.

There are three army types for the Tau list: mech, static, hybrid. Mech is focused on mobility, armor, vehicles. Static is focused on taking as many guns as possible, standing still, and shooting. Hybrid is a mix of the two. Right now, Mech is very popular online, hybrid also of course. Static can be fun if that's what you're into. It can be powerful. It is vulnerable to some things that mech is not. Also mech cannot approach the firepower of static, so you have to think a lot more about what you will shoot.

Are you new to just Tau, or 40k in general?

You should also check out this thread on starting a Tau army: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=839.0
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Welcome to Tau Online!

Codex and Battleforce would be the first purchase. See the thread above, and also be sure to read part two of it :P
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Ok guys, we have to teach him the ways of the Tau. The correct ways of the Tau. Go here http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~leebj/index.html Its the Mech Tau Rules. They will guide you to victory....... unless your like me and roll ones all the time.
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Big thing to remember man, that the Tau work best when they work together with the combined efforts of each unit helping the grerater task be done. Could that be considered a Tau'va statement? Battle box and codex man, I fourth or fifth that.
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

What i did was get the battlebox and fought with it, then i figured out what my weakness was and thought of a unit that would cover it up. in my opinion tau work best when each man has a specific job, then when everyone does their job, ya win! Way of the tau my friend.
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Welcome to TO!!!!
Firstly i also agree to buy the battleforce, which is about $250 Aust. worth for only $150....
And..... Commander O'Shovah is a very bad choice unless you have read his page (what a waste of paper :P) and tell yourself... do i really want to have aa leader that drastically reduces the choices of your army.
And finally choose what your heart desires...You'll thank yourself for it.

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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Its actually only around AUS$200 :P

To expand on the Codex and Battleforce - its an excellent place to start, a good deal, and also, you basically have a core army, and just need some extras. After that, definately a stealth team, and then some heavy support, in the form of broadsides or hammerheads, whichever you like. And along the way, some devilfishes if you want to 'Go Mech' and some more firewarriors to bulk up the force a bit.

As for this forum, be sure to read the stickied threads, as there are a few 'starting an army' threads, and plenty of tactic related threads. And don't forget the main site, that has alot of articles too
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Default Re: Tau Army Help

Dude the best thing to use are vehicles galore, hammerhead after hammerhead and a few FW squads in devilfish can really dish out some death to tyranids, orks, darkeldar and elda, but for SMs use ION heads, just a tip.
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