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The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods
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Default The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

Well last night was a campaign night and I squared off vs some Sister of Battle. Bear in mind this was my first blooding vs these ... sisters.
It was dire. Dire is too weak a word. It was stupendously, laughably, horribly, terribly, dismal.

I have never in all my time of gaming had such a terrible night of dice. I lose the table sides, placement and first turn rolls... i thought... well that's some bad odds out of the way... surely things will pick up. Nope. Even though i lost first turn roll He gives me first turn as it is a Secure and Control mission. Fine.

I whiff both Railhead shots on his Pianotank. (he he he hated it when i called it that) I also had 2 fish with 8 FW, 19 kroot, 3 stealth and an HQ. 1000pt game on a 4x4 table. He had the piano tank a sister dev squad, a fast attack (which he put eldar wings on and they were beautifully painted), troop and a HQ with bodyguard. o and 2 squads of guard, not sure what ones.

Well things went from bad to worse.. the dice wouldn't roll high when i wanted and wouldn't roll low when i needed. leadership tests? lost all of them. diff terrain tests on a jumping suit? took a wound... re-roll my misses for the fishdrones? missed again. Heavy fire taken on the kroot in the woods? 9 wounds? failed 8 saves. then they ran... off the board.

by turn 4 i had my fish and my FW and HQ. he lost 3 models. I FoF out of desperation and to speed up this horrible game of dice doom... killed his fast attack squad off... giving him MORE faith points to make his 6's render.

I lost horribly basically. It was crazy.. my tactics were sound but never got off the ground... all and i mean ALL his shots on my tanks and 1 of the 2 on my devilfish penetrated 6's with d6 explosions. it was CRAZY. my rolling was HORRIBLE but his was amazing. the 6's were everywhere!!! I cant call cheating either because they were my dice!

After all that i would just like to know, how many of YOU have had the worst rolls EVER. Sure we have loads of threads on lucky rolls and amazing feats of daring-do by a lone guardsman... but how bout the amazing whiffs? and the snake-eye parties? has your hammerhead d6 exploded 6 inches taking out 60% of the happy go lucky kroot beside it? not to mention the stealth? I have!

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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

my worst rolls ever were against Marines

48 FW fare at 8 marines (no traits just plain tac squad) from 30" down to CC = 48 + 48 + 48 +48 + 96 +96 = 346 pulse rifle shots

how many marines did i kill ?

2 !

2 dead marines - oh how thw dicw gods hate me
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

i tend to always go last, and never get the deployment. which annoys me no end.

oh yeah. 6 ion cannon shots, and 2 railgun shots at a chimera. 2 glancing, and 2 penetrating hits. damage tables get me 4 1s...

I was disgusted. that and the fact my opponent was seriously doing my head in with his attitude. not a very enjoyable game...
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

My worst rolls ever, Hammerhead fires at front armor 13, hits, needs a 3 or better, rolls a 2. Moves next turn, fires at side armor 12, hits, needs anything but a 1, rolls a 1. I was seriously pissed. Other than that my Shas'O has rolled 3 1s to hit before but in general I havent had too terribly bad luck.

My opponents have rolled terribly once. Lance strike keyed to a column on the board, my crisis suits are using it as cover, standing in a group just below and to the right of it, scatters to the upper left, then they move to the upper left... it scatters to the lower right. My opponent was fuming.

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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

The only bad rool I ever got was against rippers and I was an ork warboss I took for bases out but the other two got me
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

what i hate are the people that are like "i never roll well and i always lose" even though they ALWAYS win and the worst roll is exactly what they needed to kill my guys. it is very sad when imperial guard beat nids and eldar at the same d*** time!!!
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

once a squad of storm troopers fired at my broadsides, got 9 hits, 5 wounds. then i rolled 4 1s in armour saves. once in a life time a** kiking that is.
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

My pet peeve is rolling one 2+ save in a turn. I always fail it. Or difficult terrain tests, same deal. you could make me roll 3 dice at once and I wouldn't get ones as many times as I would with 1 die. Can't really explain this one.
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

Elessar... thats like 1:1296 odds... ouch.

I havn't been playing long enough to have a terible game. At key moments, my fire warriors poured gunfire into a guardsman suicide charge... thats them charging, the entire way, 30'' in broad daylight...

I killed 1 before he smashed into my then-static line, Commissar Guant carving up my Ethereal. My troops ran back, while he consolidated. I passed the leadership test, then opened fire with those last two Shas'la... nothing. It looked pretty bad for me in a 170 point game...

IG turn. He charges, but none of his attacks hit me. I retaliate, punch out Imperial Guard Commissar Guant, forcing his ENTIRE platoon to run away... 3 inches. Sweeping advance with two Tau... what gives?

Things go well in the dice roll like they are supposed to.
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Default Re: The Fickle Fancies of the Dice Gods

Deep-struck ten scourges behind an Eldar line, in cover so they couldn't get to me. Fired 4 dark lances into a tank's back armor. No hits.

Next round, same thing to a wraithlord. No hits. Now I'm down to just the 4 with dark lances. I try 4 shots at the suddenly rapidly-advancing striking scorpion squad. Nothing. Then I'm in CQB, and I'm dead.

THat's 12 missed shots at 3+ to hit. Ugh.
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