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tau pitures
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Default tau pitures

hi everyone where can i get some good tau pituers and back grounds 8)
stranger, i bid you greetings in the name of the tau.
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our advanced research has concluded the fowling things
1. all good things come to an end
2. the universe doesn't end there for it is evil
3. the grater good will die, so enjoy it while it lasts
4. George bush will be the president of the USA for ever and ever
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Default Re: tau pitures

go to the GW site, go to Tau, extras, wallpaper, also if you see a picture you like on the net, right click, and go to save as.
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what now?

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whats ukos mean?
never mind
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Default Re: tau pitures

[move]!....what he said....![/move]
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Default Re: tau pitures

Try www.forgeworld.co.uk - and buy the taros campaign. That is perhaps what you are looking for* ;D

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Default Re: tau pitures


don't discuss illegal activities here..
go to the above to help me on a browser game
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Default Re: tau pitures

Go to BYMTL.com
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