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Some thoughts on the new codex
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Some thoughts on the new codex

Optimized stealth cadre:

1) Finally, a way to deal with leman russ spam! S7 against rear armor!

2) Better than missilesides+multispectrum sensor suite commander against fliers...why? S7 that hits rear armor and ignores jink!

3) The ghostkeel(s) can serve as the intervening models needed to give stealth teams 2+ cover in the open!


1) Wow...now he can have 1-2 wingmen...they don't get overwatch, but they do get night vision, prefered enemy (IG), and tank hunters...too bad they can't take target locks...but, hey, you can't have everything.

2) Up till now, knight commander pask (in a vanquisher) ate longstrike's lunch as long as his wingman was the closest model...now, it's a much more even fight! Longstrike's wingman (who is cheaper than about any wingman pask can have, by the way) can absorb that shaken/stunned while longstrike does his thing.
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