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The Tau KX-139 Ta'unar "Supremacy" Titan Battlesuit
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Exclamation The Tau KX-139 Ta'unar "Supremacy" Titan Battlesuit

So for those of you who haven't heard there is a grander love that has been announced of our supreme Excellence as we FINALLY get a TITAN!!!

The Tau KX-139 Ta'unar "Supremacy" Titan Battlesuit shows a astounding array of weaponry from 2 twin-linked burst cannons, 2 twin-linked SMS, 2 Triple Barrel Ion Accelerators, and finally 3 back mounted railguns!

it is said to maybe be included with an assortment of options available upon release. Also it will have a "Constant" Nova reactor so as to not have to deal with the complexity of it, and can move 12" like other titans, however they have removed jumpjets so it will not be jumping accross the board.

Check out all the full details down below. I don't know about you guys, but I will be grabbing one!



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