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Bonding Knives Question
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Bonding Knives Question

Do Bonding Knives work when you are making a failed combat morale check?
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Short answer, no.

The bonding knife ritual grants that unit the Heroic Moral special rule, even if they do not have an independent character in their unit. It allows you to roll at regular leadership to regroup, even if your unit is below 25% its starting size. That's it. It doesn't work for any other leadership related test or check. Just regrouping. But what does this mean? To answer that we need to look a little bit at leadership and related tests, bonuses, and penalties.

Any phase except for the assault phase in which a unit loses over 25% of its starting number of models in a single phase, the unit must test for moral. This is done by rolling at or under that unit's highest leadership. If the unit fails it falls back a certain distance based on its movement type, and will continue to do so at the beginning of each turn so long as it continues to fail regroup tests on the unit's highest leadership.
However, if the unit was reduced to less than 25% of its starting size the REGROUP test rules change slightly. Instead of rolling the highest leadership in the unit, the unit must instead roll double 1s or fail the test. The initial leadership check that caused them to run is still done on regular leadership, but all regroup tests will have to be made on double 1s.
However, Heroic Moral allows you to make regroup tests as though the unit had not fallen under 25% of its starting size, or in other words, at the highest leadership in the unit.
How does this interact with leadership bonuses or penalties? Some rules provide an increase or decrease to the leadership rolls you have to make to fail or succeed a leadership based test. The most common of these is combat. For every model you lost combat by (your casualties-your kills=number you lost by), the losing unit or units' leadership is reduced by 1 point to a minimum of 2. Other common ways to change your leadership are to have independent characters join a unit or have special rules that convey their leadership to units nearby. When more than one interaction occurs at the same time flat states are taken first and then additions or subtractions are taken from them, so a Tau commander could give his unit leadership 10, and then they lose combat by 3, meaning their final leadership for that moral test would be a 7.
Having a fleeing unit below 25% of its starting size is another example of a debuff known as Insane Heroism, in which regardless of the unit's leadership it may only pass its regroup test on a double 1.

Hope that helps sort it out.
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Kroot Warrior
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Thank you for the detailed response!
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