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Defeat the Imperial Guard (500pts)
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Exclamation Defeat the Imperial Guard (500pts)

I have never played a game of warhammer yet. I have spent over 3 months preparing, thing is, so has my friend, but he has a lot more time than me.

He has 2 veterans, an average company command squad, A chimera, A scout sentinal.

His full list is here: http://gps40kbattlereports.site88.ne..._500p_list.php
Company Command Squad 60p
- Vox Caster 5p
- Camo Gear 8p
Total: 73p

Veterans 60p
- Voxcaster 5p
- Forward Sentries 10p
- Heavy Flamer 10p
- Flamer 5p
- Flamer 5p
- Krak Grenades 10p
Total 105p

Veterans 60p
- Voxcaster 5p
- Forward Sentries 10p
- Grenade Launcher 5p
- Grenade Launcher 5p
- Krak Grenades 10p
Total 95p

Chimera 65p
- Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer 0p
- Camo Netting 15p
Total 80p

Heavy Weapons Team 45p
- Autocannon 10p
- Autocannon 10p
- Autocannon 10p
Total 75p

Scout Sentine 35p
- Missile Launcher 5p
- Hunter-Killer Missile 10p
- Camo Netting 15p
Total 65

What is my best Defense for this?

My army I have is this: http://mini40k.site88.net/army-lists.php

HQ Points
Commander Farsight 165
Crisis Bodyguard 32
Crisis Bodyguard 32

Troops x 2 Points
6 x Fire Warrior 54
1 x Fire Warrior Shas'ui 10

Heavy Support Points
Hammerhead Gunship 125
Submunition Rounds 5
Automated Repair System 5
Disruption Pod 15
Twin-linked Smart Missile System (Drones) -

Total Points: 497

I need to beat him as we have like a sort of bet thing going on.
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