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Help me compose my first army!
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Default Help me compose my first army!

Hey guys,
A few friends just recently got me into 40K. I was familiar with the races from the Dawn of War video game series () and always enjoyed the shock and awe that the Tau could throw down, so I thought they'd be my first army!

I've managed to pick up a prety decent size starter army on the cheap from craigslist, and was hoping you guys could help me assemble a 500 AND 1000pt army that I can play and learn with (again, I'm a total newb). Hopefully I'm not supposed to post this in the "army list" forum section...

Here's what I have to build with. I won't be getting a Riptide anytime soon because $$$.
1x Crisis Suit Commander
1x Ethereal
24x Fire Warrior
28x Kroot Carnivore
2x Kroot Hound
8x Pathfinders
3x Stealsuit
6x XV8 Crisis Suits
3x XV88 Broadsides (the old ones)
2x Devilfish
1x Hammerhead
20x Gun drone (planning to be convert some to marker/shield/missile depending on what's needed)
3x Marker Drone
1x Recon Drone
1x Pulse Accelerator Drone
1x Grav-Inhibitor Drone

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

[EDIT] PS: I'll be facing Imperial Guard, Eldar, Dark Eldar and Grey Knight armies (perhaps that narrows down some choices).

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You have so many options! I really can't give you too much advice... there's just too many options.
Battlesuits are going to be your best unit. Take as many as you can while still maintaining the 2 troops and 1 HQ choice minimum... and go from there.
For troop choices, you can go Farsight Enclave to make your battlesuits troops. If not, either take the largest unit of fire warriors you can, any number of fire warriors in a devilfish, or kroot (I like units of 10 with one hound, but you can use more).
If you bring enough pulse weapons an ethereal can be a good choice.
You will want markerlights. The best markerlight source I know of is a battlesuit commander with a drone controller in a unit of 6 total drones (2 from his own squad, and 4 from a drone squad).
Stealth suits are a distraction and a harassment, not an offensive force, don't expect anything from them, but enjoy being annoying with them.
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Facing Dark Eldar you will probably make good use of missile pods to crack open their flimsy transports and massed pulse fire to drown the survivors. Dark Eldar rely heavily on mobility, if you cripple their ability to maneuver early in the game they should be easy prey if kept at a distance. Expect very potent firepower from their skimmers and an abundance of poised AP2 attacks (if memory serves.)

For Grey Knights you will likely want to with plasma to take on heavy infantry, though the low model count will also fall to massed firepower. Expect Terminators, Dreadknights and all sorts of psychic shenanigans. It's just as well you don't have a Riptide yet because Grey Knights can chomp right through Monstrous Creatures due to Force. That isn't to say never bring a Riptide against them! Land Raiders and Stormravens are a good bet for transporting their Terminators and Paladins if they aren't deep striking.

Imperial Guard run the gamut from teeming hordes of screaming guardsmen often ferried by medium armored transports to tough as nails armored companies that will require prodigious amounts of anti-tank firepower to fend off. Their troops die easily to our basic weaponry and the transports shouldn't prove too much of a problem for missiles, melta or heavy rail rifles, but there are a lot of them. Their tanks are some of the most heavily armed and armored armor in the game behind the despicable Land Raider, not even the Railgun on our Hammerhead is entirely reliable against them (although Longstrike is your man if facing them.)

Eldar are a healthy mix of low toughness models with elite statlines, tough and mobile tanks and transports, very durable Monstrous Creatures in the form of Wraithlords and Wraithknights and potent psychic shenanigans. I'm not sure if they're still considered the strongest codex (that was my impression at least), but they are certainly top tier regardless. Granted, our codex is right up there with them. There's really nothing an enemy force should be able to dish out that our army doesn't have an answer to. Some would say Psykers, but the obvious answer to that is kill the Psyker!

You might want to approach army building from the perspective of how you want to play. If you like the idea of a strong gunline that will halt an enemy advance in its tracks, then Fire Warriors supported an Ethereal, Broadside battlesuits and Hammerheads will be the way to go. If you like mobile combat, load those Shas into Devilfish and kite around the enemy, unloading your troops for a deadly fullisade when the time to strike presents itself. Crisis suits are masters of mobile warfare, deep striking into the fray where they are needed most, dishing out the hurt and then jetting back to safety. If you're feeling sneaky, infiltrate or outflank Kroot detachments to catch your opponent unawares. Stealth suits are an excellent complement to such a force and despite what Carrelio may say, they are certainly capable to putting down serious firepower. They are most effective when maxed out, you can also equip fusion blasters and target locks for versatility. This is, however, a rather expensive elites choice for many who prefer the general utility of the Crisis suit.
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You actually have a pretty good list, but I would definitly convert some gundrones to marker drones enough to have markers for your crisis teams and by the vs. armies I would say go missilesides, and see if you can grab ion cannons for your two devilfish as they can be great for crowd control. If you end up grabbing the farsight enclave you can get free bonding knife rituals for all your guys so I would go that route with your list since your not using shadowsun. Happy wargaming!
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Thanks for the replies guys! I'll try to put something together, and post it for evaluation
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