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Tactica: [C.A.L.T.R.O.P.S.] (peanut gallery, most welcome!)
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Kroot Shaper
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Final Edition (of my personal playstyle):
-) has awesome markerlight support, whether to pull cover from flyers, or in launching 6 missiles with bs4 -and- reroll 1's off Shadowsuns' Drone, knocking most things outa the sky - if not fully successful, granting then two markerlights to broadside team for tankhunting nocover. of course, riptide support, etc etc...

-) having even the single shadow-shield drone, means the unit she's part of will in fact have hammernator-like saves til it dies. anyone who's experienced 2+/3+/6++ can understand how many shots it takes to finally get a wound. Helps me feel more secure of her not just being dumbed down to babysitting broadsides - AND [L] uring like she's 'sposed to hehe.

-) skyray drones means that clean deployment of ShadowSun up in kroot line, infiltrated for solid [L]ure, and then to fall back on first turn into drones, who then 3d6" back further still , which on 2nd turn lands her in broadsides.

---- 1500 for me, pulling off support options from Riptide and going two Fighters.

there's more - but it's obvious as has been written previously in the forum.

Enjoy and Happy Gaming! xD

(Full rez link: http://s2.postimg.org/isdg0ajl5/1250_CALTROPS.jpg )

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