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Burst piranha or fusion?
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Default Burst piranha or fusion?

Curious to see what you guys think. only one person at my game store uses tau, and i rarely see him. anyway, do you guys use burst cannons or fusion blasters on your piranha? i currently have a fusion fish, and was considering magnetizing it simply for convenience.
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I magnetized mine. It's not a hard conversion at all since both the burst cannon and fusion blaster options have a small patch of plastic with no importance between the turret mount and the weapon itself. You can even do it if your piranhas are already assembled (this is what I did) but it will be a little harder to do.

I run both, but in very different units. I predominantly run solo fusion blaster piranhas, but occasionally squadron 3 together with burst cannons. Now, at BS3, I'm not expecting much out of any given piranha (in my game last night I think 2 of the burst cannon variants managed 1 wound on a chaos spawn the entire game), which is why I prefer the fusion blaster...

A single 50 point fusion blaster piranha has one job. Harass vehicles. It isn't trying to destroy them, chances are it won't be able to hit them. But it's going to drive right up to them and park directly in their way. Maybe he gets a fusion blaster hit. Maybe he doesn't. It doesn't matter. That vehicle now has to either spend its entire turn shuffling around the piranha blocking its path, or just sit in place. Doesn't matter if the piranha gets destroyed, it was 50 points. Doesn't matter if the piranha lives, it will just do the same thing the next turn.

Solo piranhas are the Tau's best blocking units, and with that in mind we don't have to worry about which weapon they have at all.
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I went fusion because it seems to have a more adiquit effect then burst cannon but depends on which army you fight tyranids burst others fusion
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