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Suddenly Riptides!
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Default Suddenly Riptides!

Well I went on a bit of a spending spree, wound up with 5 Ripides :/ I'm trying to see if I should run them all as normal Riptides or try to proxy some Forgeworld models. I have zero experience with those models so I am open to suggestion. I mostly face a nasty Necron list. The main things that concern me are scarabs (20!!!) and those darn Doom Scythes and their s10 death ray. I'm woried that while my Riptides are powerful, they won't be versatile enough to face all the things Necrons throw my way. So, would it benefit me to use the new Forgeworld models? What are they best designed to handle enemy wise? I.e. I've heard the newest Riptide is useful up close and personal. Thanks for any suggestions!
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The forgeworld riptides aren't what they used to be; once their official rule set came out they became significantly less overpowered; they are basically just a regular slightly more expensive riptide with an battlefield role. I haven't used the newest riptide though.

The real issue you're going to face isn't that riptides aren't versatile enough (the ion accelerator gives you options for pretty much every situation), it's that
you won't be accurate enough without markerlight support. In my experience, riptides only come into their own offensively when they are supported by around 5 markerlights hits a piece.

Your main asset from having 5 riptides is that you have 5 super hard to kill

Unless the rules have changed since I last played necrons the deathray won't do anything; a single S10 AP1 shot is going to be less effective than the massed S4 shooting his army can pump out. Scarabs are no threat to riptides either. Your S8 blast templates instantly kill them because they are twice the strength of the scarab toughness and with a unit that large (20 swarm bases) you are bound to hit a bunch even with scatter.
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