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New to 40K Tau, any ideas?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default New to 40K Tau, any ideas?

Hi, just wanted to find out what would be good for a tau army (I am on a limited budget). I have got a XV25 stealth team.

I was thinking to start off, maybe a Phirana, a Fire warrior team, a Cadre Fireblade, a Crisis battlesuit, and maybe a Broadside.

Would like to know if those are good choices.

Thanks, Rexamite

(Feel free to add anything to that list, or take away!)
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Kroot Warrior
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I will just put this out there, I will not get these all in one go, I will have to stagger it because of my limited budget
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What is your budget exactly?

The best thing you can possibly get yourself as a new Tau player is a Tau battleforce... and then a second one. They basically give you everything you're going to need to get playing for less than the total cost of all the things you get if you bought them separately. But since you're working on a budget it sounds like that probably won't be for you unless you're willing to save up for it.

So... gun to my head if I had to pick a single boxed set as a Tau player it would be the 3 XV8 crisis suits. They are strong, versatile, mobile, and can always have a place in your army. You can run them as HQ, Elites, and even Troops (using the Farsight Enclave rules).

Now, with only 3 XV8s, 3 Stealth suits, and 7 drones, you won't be able to field a proper force organization chart; so if you wanted to play at that level you would have to either buy more stuff or play a really small game with someone using the open force organization style (in which case you could run 1 commander with the 3 stealth suits and the drone, and the 2 suits separate as elites, all geared up for specific jobs). I think the best bang for you buck to hit force org requirements would at very small point games would be a second box of battlesuits and the Farsight enclave rules (quick search for the pdf version online will give you enough to work with for a friendly game at a local hobby shop). With 2 boxes of XV8s and the Farsight rule set you could build something like... A commander, 3 XV8 troops, 2 XV8 Elites, and 3 Stealth suits, with 13 drones distributed between them (I'd take 4-6 markerdrones and use the rest as gun and shield drones).
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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: Nov 2014
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yeah ok, XV8s seem like the way to go, I may be abke to get the battleforce; but I'd probably see something and just get it instead. Thanks again.

Rexamite oh and my budget is about 20-60AU dollars a month
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