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Will this even work?
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Default Will this even work?

Heya, one of those thousands "I am new and this is my list, advice?"
I recently started playing and I bought the Tau Battlebox, A Cadre and a pathfinder team. So much of this list can still be "undone". The reason I made this particular comp is because I love the way that Fire Warriors look. So the troops are staying for sure. The rest however I am not so sure about.

If I go 1500 pts this is what my list would be to put it simply

There was one rule I set to myself when making this list was: NO RIPTIDE.
I tried to keep the amount of vehicles to a minimum as well since I love the looks of the battle-suits and Fire Warriors but I ended up with one Hammerhead either way. Mostly to bring the versatility along with broadsides.
There are two questions for this armor: Will it blend? and will it work?

If I go 1850(I ended up with 1855 but as long as it's just a friendly game I think that should be fine) I will probably want a riptide so I added one. And for the remaining points I just buffed what was already there.


The questions are the same as above. Will it blend and will it work?
Are there a better choice of upgrades on the units? If so, which ones?
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