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damn plague zombies
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Default damn plague zombies

Ok, heres my problem.
My opponent has it in his head to drop a bunch of infiltrating
plague zombies on me to basically tie up my fire
And kroot in hand to hand and make my armor units
units (broadsides, crisis etc) have to deal with them
too.Oh! Theres also a Defiler in the mix.Anyone
got any ideas on how to deal with this?
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Sounds like an incredibly slow moving force with a fast deployment. Treat it exactly as you would treat a drop pod iron rain list. Space out your force across the entire length of the board so that he is placed in a lose lose deployment situation: if he clumps them all in one place, you simply evacuate the area and he'll never catch you again (destroy him at your leisure), space out and he won't have enough points to overpower you before you can wipe him out overall. Further, infiltrator is a deployment that is highly reliant on your deployment; he may not place a model within 12" of you if it is fully obscured by cover or 18" if it isn't fully obscured. Deploy so that he's doesn't have anywhere close to deploy and shoot him for days while you use the strategy above.
The defiler is an over glorified dreadnought, a melta team will take it out off the deepstrike without a second thought (until the drop just use cover to stay safe from that battle cannon).
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