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Movement Tactics Discussion
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Default Movement Tactics Discussion

Joe: See any Tau stealth suits yet?
Bob: No, but that group of trees keeps moving up on us.

We play Tau, (Well duh) and as such, I find that a lot of Tau players have a tendency to turtle up. I mean, it is a pretty damn easy tactic on a destroy everything game to simple set up your fire lines, keep your suits bouncing to fill in the gaps and simply let the Tau do what they do best, which is shoot.

Fluff wise, the Tau can also be a very mobile force. In order to be a mobile force, you need to sink points into transports. Transports have their own advantages, but are the points worth the effort?

There are successful Tau players that are very mobile. There are successful Tau players that hold the line. Which are you?

Personally, I tend to be more hybrid. My suits never stay still. Even my Riptide moves EVERY turn. Howevr, the only transport I will ever have is the one that I stick my Pathfinders in. Once the Pathfinders are in place, that transport leaves them to die. (Which they always do) That same transport will scurry around, saving the butts of my Firewarriors or getting them to an objective. My suits fill in the gaps, be itr a stealth suit sealing up a pass or a Crisis team threatening a held objective. My Riptides stride over the battle field as gods, as they have really yet to meet resistance from my gaming group.

How do you move across your battlefield?
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

If a Land Raider dies to a rail gun, and no one was around to see it, does the kill point still exist?
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Right now I'm trying out playing with no Crisis suits. I have two Hammerhreads hold the back line accompanied by a Fire Warrior squad w/ Cadre Fireblade while three Piranhas and two full SMS Devilfish move up on the flank. Once my reserves come in, two Stealth teams and two squads of Kroot outflank into the enemy's rear to wreak some havoc and divide their focus. I'm also making use of seekers on the Devilfish and two squads of Marker drones to try to hit weak points in enemy armor. Sure their BS of 2 hurts some, but all I need are 1-2 hits from each unit (which I get!) and I like that they're more mobile and tougher than Pathfinders.

It's hardly meant to be competitive, I'm not even sure if it's really a very good idea. I've only played two games with it (and I actually added in the MDs for the second game and dropped Darkstrider), both of which were defeats, so... But we'll see! I prefer the challenge. Before I was just dropping hordes of Crisis suits and blasting everyone's faces off, it made everyone sad and I felt bad. :P
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I run three units of fire warriors, all with devilfish, as well as an ethereal. I run the whole group as a functional unit. During objective placement, I put all of my objectives on his side of the table. In an attempt to force him on too his back foot an play deffencively. There are also eight crisis suits a offensive commander, a riptide, and two hammerheads ( and some lights) and do my best to keep up pressure with the suits and tanks. So the my firewarriors can get into position.
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I typically run at least one squad of Kroot, often two, in order to give myself a lot of deployment flexibility. Ethereals, Stealth Team and Tetras with Homing Beacons are also a big thing I love now, because precision Deep Strikes as a counter-attack are awesome.
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