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Piranha Assembly
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Default Piranha Assembly

I'm currently trying to put togeather a Tau army and I bought an unassembled piranha that came without instructions on how to assemble properly. I'm hoping that someone here could link to a PDF or some kind of guide on how to assemble it.
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Don't have time right now to get a proper solution. A brief internet search came up with this:

If that doesn't work, I'll be back in a couple days and I can try scanning/writing down the instructions for you.
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Here's a fun conversion you can try, too:

(I personally thought the guy just sitting at the back was a bit useless, so most of my Piranhas have rear-mounted Burst Cannons!)
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Those are nice looking Piranhas, CoffeeGrunt! It has a somewhat similar look to mine, though I use Stegadon Scale Green, Ulthuan Grey, Mechanicus Standard Grey and Abbadon Black.
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