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Any resource to track all Tau minis/editions/year?
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Question Any resource to track all Tau minis/editions/year?


Ive been wondering if there is any resource out there the has listed all the tau miniatures and models over the years and editions. Would be great to see a list of all the pathfinders made, and older versions compared to the new ones, and see if any one them are worth hunting on ebay, etc.

Thanks for any input

I seemed to have found some data at http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Mini...)#.UwZtbfmSz-8 any others would be appreciated

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Sadly I don't know of anything like this. However, having seen the old Pathfinder metal models, I wouldn't bother with those. In general the new plastics are often superior.
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At first glance there are at least 3 metal pathfinders missing from 3-4th edition, a shaper with kroot gun and if not mistaken a metal shas!ui pathfinder as well. I'm not sure if human auxilleries ever got 'official' models from GW

in 6th the the crapcast tankcommander is awol too.

FW stuff is missing all the alternate hammerhead turrets and upgrades, all the old and new suits, tank commander, air cast, all of the static turrets, drones and so on

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