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Silly Noobie Question
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Default Silly Noobie Question

Hi folks

I'm getting back into 40K after a long time away playing fantasy. Tau were the first army I bought back in the day so it seemed like a good place to come back to!

What I'd like to know is can you on crisis battle suits take two burst cannons and not twin link them - so have the eight shots or does it have to be 4 twin linked shots?

Also what are the downsides to taking Farsight enclaves as opposed to codex tau - I've had a quick look the book (admittedly not in great detail) so have I missed anything?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - once I get my head round the books and lists etc I will be doing some sort of fluff / painting log so I will be putting some pretty pictures up and regaling you lucky people with the exploits of the mighty! It does very much feel as if I'm starting from scratch again - this new edition of 40K seems to have changed a lot of things!
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What I'd like to know is can you on crisis battle suits take two burst cannons and not twin link them - so have the eight shots or does it have to be 4 twin linked shots?
You can choose either. Pay for two, separate weapons, or pay for one, Twin-Linked.

Also what are the downsides to taking Farsight enclaves as opposed to codex tau - I've had a quick look the book (admittedly not in great detail) so have I missed anything?
The main differences are the Signature Systems, Warlord Traits, and Crisis Suits are Troops.

The Signature Systems tend to be a lot more expensive than the Empire ones, and some of them are quite meh, others, like the Talisman and Earth Caste Array, are excellent if pricey.

Warlord Traits are a bit of a step down in most cases, though Echoes of the Grand Master is fantastic, Counter-Crisis is also extremely useful. They're generally good, but the Empire Codex has the best Warlord Traits going, so they look worse by comparison.

Scoring Crisis Troops are going to come down to your playstyle. On one hand, you have the ability to cap Objectives with a unit that moves fast, hits hard, and is more durable than Fire Warriors or Kroot. On the other hand, you'll have less of them. This is made worse by having the Bonding Knife Ritual being mandatory, all units that can take it, must take it. This means Fire Warriors are 10pts each and get really pricey en masse, which often pushes you into an all-Suits army.

All Suits is good, but require very tactical play as you won't have a massive board presence. It's a very small, Elite army that can excel if played well.

Personally, my problem is that my Riptide and Crisis Suits shoot, my Fire Warriors grab Objectives and pop a few rounds off, too. I force the opponent to shoot the Battlesuits so that they're not shooting the Fire Warriors, it forces them to make a decision on what's a more important target.

When you run Crisis Troops, there's only one target. Kill a Crisis unit, and you've killed both the firepower and the Scoring in the list.
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In the 6th edition codex, the weapon prices have two values. The first is for a single weapon, the second for a twin-linked variant. Crisis suits now have in-build multi-trackers so they now CAN fire two weapons in the shooting phase, and the weapons you pay for are the weapons you have. Essentially, a twin-linked variant is always 5 points more expensive than a single version.

Coffeegrunt covered most of the major differences, but how to run Farsight is also different. Instead of the special up to 7-man bodyguard team he gets from the codex, in Enclaves there is a list of 7 special characters which you can then take in place of that unit. It still doesn't count toward an HQ slot, and doesn't get the sworn protection rule like the normal team does.

That said, several of them have some of the Empire signature systems that you might miss, and each of them are independent characters meaning that you can very easily peel them off and put them with other units in a way codex bodyguards can't.

One major difference between Enclaves and codex armies is that troops are generally more expensive. While being almost as mobile and nearly has hard to kill as an equivalent firewarrior team in a devilfish, crisis suits can be easily kitted out with upgrades, weapons, and drones to push them well above where even the largest firewarrior teams would be. This can easily eliminate the 'deadweight' of infantry models that are easily killed, expensive to make mobile, and lacking in targets they can damage (codex fighting a mech-based army, for example). But this runs the risk that was described above, simplifying your opponent's target priorities.

That said, the easiest way to avoid this is to kit out smaller or more inexpensive crisis teams to fill the same role firewarriors normally would. A single crisis suit with two burst cannons put as much damage downrange as 4 firewarriors in rapid fire, while being alot harder to kill. So a three man BC crisis team is roughly the equivalent of an 12-man firewarrior team in terms of damage, or an 8-man team in a devilfish. The biggest difference in terms of survivability is that a crisis team can't use a transport to hide behind the way firewarriors can, and are far more vulnerable to AP3 or lower weapons since their wound pool is quite a bit smaller.

It's hard to make a direct comparison, simply because crisis suits are our swiss army knife of units, and that's no less true in an Enclaves army.

Divergent Destiny means that you can never take Shadowsun or Aun'Va in a list that even includes Enclaves as allies, which can be an enormous loss or a barely noticeable one depending on how often you employ them.
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