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Tau Quiz
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Kroot Shaper
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Post Tau Quiz

Pretty self explanatory, PM me answers, don't post them on this thread.
(Don't look it up, this test is from memory only.)

What rank is a Commander at?

What carries a twin linked heavy rail rifle?

The main auxiliary races allied with the tau are kroot and -------?

Who is the Ethereal Supreme?

What armor do Pathfinders wear?

Name a close combat signature system.

What rank is Darkstrider?

In which campaign was the XV104 Riptide introduced?

What is mined on the planet Vespid?

What allied race is known for its mind control abilities?

What sept is nearest to the Zone of Silence?

What does Vior'la translate into?

What did Puretide sit on in his old age?

What Commander had a brilliant career, marred by a single mistake?

When was the Sky Ray first developed and deployed?

Darkstrider has recently returned from his successes against what in which campaign?
If the word of the tau is powerful, then you do NOT want to see their guns.

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Pssst, there's two CQC Signature Systems...
"All Shas'la! Follah me tah gloray!"
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