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Modelling jetpack bursts
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Default Modelling jetpack bursts

Im working on my riptide right now and I modeled it in a way that I thought would look like it had just dropped out of the sky and landed like it deep struck. However, it just looks kind of splayed out so I was trying to make the intention behind the pose more clear. Eventually when I do the base I plan on making small impact craters around its feet, but I thought another way would be to add some sort of muzzle burst type blast to some of the vents on it's jetpack. I was looking at some of the models here:


Does anyone have any suggestions as to which would look the best? I was looking at the small laser muzzle flash but Im not sure if it would look too small in comparison to the square vents on the riptide.

Alternatively, if anyone has any other suggestions they are certainly welcome.
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I've always imagined the Jetpacks being like a hydrogen flame personally, a nearly white-hot, almost invisible blue flame. The laser ones look like good stand-ins.
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