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Default mark'o'ka

so, a lot of people run mark 'os as their commander, which if your new here is when you have a tricked out support commander, in a unit of marker drones, making them bs5. its a cool strategy, but what im wondering is, who thinks its only useful in mont'ka (killing blow)? just because your pumping out 10 markerlights into one unit a turn?
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I don't personally use it, but I hear it works well with Dual Missile Pods and a Target Lock, so the O can fire independently.

Tagging this guy onto a Broadside unit works better, though. You can have up to 6 Marker Drones, and everyone has a Target Lock. Shas'O and the unit fire Missile Pods at one thing, the Drones mark up something else.
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Plus the PEN chip to give them tank hunters. This unit is a beast. If you don't believe me try it out, it's great! I usually only use 2 broadsides and an iridium commander. The 'O tanks wounds that would insta-gib the broadsides with his T5. Anything S10 gets LOS to a drone.
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Arufel, you get a thumbs up.

For me the Mark'o is more points than I'm willing to sink into dedicated markerlights, but it sure is a survivable and dependable source for them, especially considering how easily pathfinders tend to die.
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