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pathfinder fan-fic 1
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Post pathfinder fan-fic 1

[so it pretty bad, but i have a bunch of it, if you guys dont like it at all though i wont annoy you by posting more, its just for shits and giggles]

A mix of smoke and ash filled the sky, as the war torn city on Sythis minor was under siege by the forces of commander farsight, of the tau. For days the empire of man had fought viciously to withhold the major cities, but at every turn farsight, or one of his disciples, routed the clumsy imperial guard strategists. The capital was under siege as well, but a large amount of re-enforcements had arrived in the form of armored companies, and the counter attack began
All around the bunker the battle lines were falling back. Shas’o shava’s mont’ka attack on the imperial armored column hadn’t done enough damage to stop the archaic machines advance. So the logical step was to fall back, regroup, and attack again in hopes that a second attack could stop them.
This wasn’t what Shas’la Vius had hoped for however, as it meant that he along with his team would lay down suppressing fire, and chart the enemy’s gaining’s, probably until they overran his units position as they were one of the only teams that had a good enough vantage to do so. His Shas'ui, Otokia, rallied the team from a second bunker from a bunker that was just below them on a slope of debris and marked targets for the rest of the unit to fire upon. The rest of the unit was in a third bunker, about 40 feet to Vius’ right.
As he fought, Vius though It was atrocious watching these humans force each other to march into a deathtrap knowingly, with the goal being to either overwhelm the defenders with bodies, or to make them use all their ammo on the assailants. If only such a vast resource could be properly harnessed by a competent leader, such as bright sword.
just as his thought had finished, a lasgun bolt hit shas’ ui Otokia squarely in the chest, almost instantly killing him, and suddenly Vius’ pathfinder unit had no guidance, and their fire began to be hectic. 3 members that vius had spent years with, training, eating, sleeping, and battling with were killed when a nearby tank shot a blast that overwhelmed vius’ thermal visor as it hit his comrades’ bunker. Now, only 20 seconds later, there were only 2 of them left, Aio and Vius.
“Aio! we aren’t getting out of this one are we?” Vius asked, fearing the answer.
“no, comrade, I don’t think we will if we stay, but, the point of war isn’t dying for our empire, but to make those bastards die for theirs. I have an idea on how to end this here, but I need supporting fire, so that I can get to their battle line.”
“What are you talking about? We can’t get close to them; they could lay down a wall of fire if they spotted us! Plus we couldn’t do any good down their anyway!” Vius shouted.
“Shas’ui Otokia had a homing beacon, we can set it to be a target for a seeker missile salvo instead of support, our fail-safe’s on our marker lights won’t let us from this range because the program won’t let us launch such a strike so close to our own position, so our only chance, is to get it from his body, and get as close to the enemy as possible because it doesn’t have that failsafe.” Aio responded
Vius was shocked by the idea, he knew that it was a good plan, or at least better than anything he had come up with, but, he would lose the last of his brothers. Aio must have sensed that Vius was troubled, and he put a pulse carbine clip into his hand, and said
“Comrade, it’s for the greater good, for all those that come after us. Maybe one day this won’t be a battle field, but a place for children, and peaceful men and women, you know we must.”
“I understand what must be done” Vius replied solemnly, and reloaded his carbine.
Aio jumped out of the bunker they were perched in and sprinted for the one Otokia’s body was behind. Vius drew the attention of the nearby humans with a burst of plasma fire. Aio reached Otokia and cut the beacon off of his belt, and started to order a seeker missile salvo as Vius continued to pour fire into the nearest humans to Aio. A unit of men, 6 strong charged up the ridge towards Aio, and Vius shot down 4, but was then forced to reload, leaving his comrade defenseless.
The 2 remaining men neared the bunker Aio was refitting the beacon in, when a stealth suit seemingly appeared right in front of them, laying down a crippling amount of burst cannon fire, and covered Aio. Vius figured that he had overhead the conversation the two pathfinders had had, seeing as their helmets we’re on and probably broadcasting it to anyone listening in nearby. The suit waited for Aio to finish, then to Vius surprise took the beacon from him and disappeared back into the nothingness he came from.
As Aio was running back uphill towards Vius the first seeker missile hit, right in the center of the imperial tank column, then, a metal rain of explosions followed. Vius watched as what seemed like hundreds of missiles converged into the imperial forces in a beautiful display of destruction.
When the smoke cleared Aio was 20 feet or so away from the bunker, missing his left leg. many of the buildings were also gone, and all that remained of the imperial forces was a very few burning heaps of rubble.
A second pathfinder team came in behind them and took the position, while 2 members helped Vius and Aio back to the nearest command post.
They had been relieved.
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It's a good little read but a little disjointed in places. I get the general feel but usually there should a difference in pacing between characters talking and action sequences. Nevertheless it's nice to see some fan fic around. Good job!
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