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new to game 500 point army advise
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Kroot Warrior
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Default new to game 500 point army advise

hey all im new to game and i wanna make a tau 500 points army to play in my local area but as far i have see those guys play for FUN but with tournament armys list so . here my idea.

Darkstrider 100

Fire Warrior Team x 10 all with pulse carbine 90

Fire Warrior Team x 10 all with pulse carbine 90

Fast attack
pathfinders x 4 with pulse carbines 44

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit 180

total 505. so any advise ?
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Swap Darkstrider for an Ethereal, and use the 50 points to buy more Pathfinders.
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Rifles will serve you better than Carbines in the long run on those fire warriors. The 30" range is a big boon.
A base ethereal or a fireblade will serve your purposes better at these point values than Darkstrider.
It is still up for a lot of contention but the Ion Accelerator is generally taken over the Heavy Burst Cannon and in this case will provide you a better statistical spread against different targets.
At lower point values especially markerlights struggle. In this case it is the combination of their low survivability with their limited multiplication resources (a force multiplier requires a force of significant size to mutliply).

A list that I have found to be effective (keeping in mind I don't play such low values often and my success rate has been variable at best) is something like this:


- IA
- TL-Fusion Blaster
- Early Warning Override

10 Fire Warriors
-Pulse rifles

10 Kroot
-1 hound

Heavy Support:
Sniper drone team
-3 spotters
-3 drones

This gives the list 4 BS5 markerlights, 13 sniper weapons (for taking out other riptide-esque enemies), a strong backfield troop option (20-30 S5 AP5 shots a turn from a LD10 unit), a flexible deployment troop choice (kroot can either infiltrate, outflank or deploy normally), and a riptide (which is just all the goodness of T6 and AP2 pie plates)
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One of the most important things to consider in a 500 pt list is economizing your access to markerlights. Every point you spend to get lights reduces the value of the points they will be augmenting. Thus, it's best to look for units that tend to have very high reliability with hits, and are generally fairly inexpensive.

If you do include a Riptide in list this size, using the sniper team for markerlights is a very easy way to provide support.
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