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a new side project with allies
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Default a new side project with allies

so recently ive gotten some eldar and marines, and the eldar im not going to use as allies, its a fluff army for the black library and has a lot of hallequines or however you spell it (to lazy to look it up right now, i may edit this later) but, that said, i have some marines for allies, and i'm running them as white scars, because marine bikes have always been good in my oppinion (running them since 4th!) and i also wanted a excuse to get some new marine models, so i have 2 types of allied list "add ons", and i was wondering what your guy's oppinions on them are, the first is to break tradition and run them as a different chapter and go all out drop pods, and give my tau some deep hitting punch without using my crisis suits, and the other is bikes, with kahn (have to if your going white scar) and wither a knitted out tactical squad or some scout missiles, and whatever else for my elite and heavy, if i took them, which do you guy's think would work better with tau? (if it helps most of my games are against csm, marines, necrons and sisters of battle[go plasma!])
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