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Forgeworld drone sentry as 'counts as' quad gun
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Default Forgeworld drone sentry as 'counts as' quad gun

From a modelling point of view can anyone confirm that they are of a similar size?

Here's the original picture- http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhamme...-MISSILES.html
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I've heard of this being done before, but most agree you can make something better using Ion guns and a little jiggery-pokery.
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they are about the same size, someone used them against me, but if your going to get them, i would recomend using them as what they are, its a cheap, hardy deepstricking special weapon, the blocks pathways and sows confusion
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It's an interesting idea for it. If you happen to have one handy it'd be a great way to make the Aegis look more realistic. I've been mulling over ways to convert the quad gun with something that looks more like tau weaponry.

The missiles make sense. Same S7 AP4, 4 heavy twin-linked if it was a sort of quad pod vehicle setup. The missile pods from the FW hammerhead are 48" range if I remember correctly.
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