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Fireblade and Volley Fire
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Fireblade and Volley Fire

Does an "Extra Shot" mean that a pathfinder force with Pulse Carbines (Assault 2, Pinning) get 1 extra die (Assault 2 +1)? or do they get 2 extra each? (2 x Assault 2)
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This is for the Ethereal power Storm of Fire correct? It works similarly to rapid fire in terms of its function. Every WEAPON can fire one extra shot at half it's maximum range. A weapon is not a distinction of number of shots, but individual weapon fired by a model. A pathfinder can only fire one weapon while shooting, thus it would get one extra shot in that turn. Working with pathfinders, it would essentially make their pulse carbines Assault 3 at 9" or less.

Keep in mind however that this power lasts until the next turn, not just for the shooting phase. Meaning that all pulse weapons get one extra shot when firing overwatch, AND allows you to fire twice with pulse pistols in an assault. It's not much, but that extra firepower in overwatch can really make the difference sometime.
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Kroot Warrior
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In this case, I was looking at Cadre Fireblade's Volley of Fire ability. So an "extra shot" does NOT double the number of dies? It's just an extra 1 chance to wound?
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Volley fire lets you fire a single additional shot, not fire the weapon twice. It's X shots + 1. so the carbine would get to roll 3 dice, and the pulse rifle would fire 2 at long range and 3 at close range.
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fireblade, volley fire

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