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Some deathrain Mathhammer
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Some deathrain Mathhammer

I've been trying to figure out how good my deathrain unit can expect to do against various threats, so I've decided to mathhammer my way through several likely scenarios.

Basic Deathrain unit w/ commander and PEN chip. Everyone comes with 2x missile pods.

Hits: 9.333

Note that, against vehicles, this assumes the PEN chip is only used to roll for outright misses, and not just glances


AV --- Glances --- Penetrates --- Explodes
10 --- 2.074 --- 6.222 --- 1.037
11 --- 2.333 --- 5.185 --- 0.864
12 --- 2.592 --- 2.592 --- 0.432
13 --- 2.851

If this unit is shooting at a flyer, multiply all results by a factor of 0.286

So, at first glance, while considerably more expensive, this unit is far better at killing tanks than hammerheads at up to AV 13. However, the "per points" makes a difference, though, and this unit will set you back about 100 points more than what your average railhead costs- enough to almost buy a double fusion blaster monat and fusion pirana.

Lets look at some monstrous creatures:

Monstrous Creatures
Riptide: 1.383 wounds
Wraithknight: 1.728 wounds
Great Unclean One: 7 wounds
Carnifex: 2.765 wounds
Flying demon prince: 2.593 wounds

Predictably, this unit doesn't do quite so well against units with armor saves, which it has no way of nullifying. Also note that this does not include any feel-no-pain rolls or any other shenanigans MCs have

Now, to check off basic infantry.

GEQ: 7.777 wounds
MEQ: 2.593 wounds
TEQ: 1.296 wounds
Bikes/Jetbikes (assumes 3+ armor): 2.593

Looks like this unit isn't so hot with infantry. Sure, it can kill lots of GEQ (and elf troops, tau troops, or ork troops, which are effectively the same as GEQ here) but if you're aiming at GEQ, the unit is wasting points.
Except when aiming at a demon prince (or equivalent Swooping MC), markerlights multiply all wounds, glances, penetrates, and explosions by

1 Markerlight: 1.272
2 Markerlights: 1.452
3 Markerlights: 1.543
4 Markerlights: 1.593

Although you'll likely be using 2 markers to remove jink from skimmers or cover from GEQ and related units.
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It seems to me that the role this unit fills best is killing light vehicles. While good at killing GEQ's and having a particular sweet spot against Eldar, Necrons, and Tau from AP4, it doesn't do spectacularly at any armor save below that because at half the range, a burst cannon team throws out twice as many hits for 10 less points per suit.

As such, how would an all plasma rifle team stand up? Yes it has 12" less overall range and half the firepower at anything beyond 12", but AP2 would help with vehicle damage tables and it would let the unit kill any infantry unit or MC with no armor saves.

Just off the top my head I'm estimating a 0.86 explode on AV11, which is identical to the missile pods. It seems like the plasmas would give up alot of range for a slight disadvantage in glances and penetrations, but have a much better time wounding MEQ's and TEQ's.

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Mathhammer's all well and good, but it doesn't take into account who gets the first turn, how much fire your Crisis Team takes, how much cover the enemy receives and whether they choose to Go to Ground, etc, etc.
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